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Conservation Pruning Concepts

Conservation Pruning Concepts

By Norman Helie

The next time you stroll through your favorite tree-lined street, park, or woods, consider yourself a part of the tree canopy. As a natural interpreter and contributor, you meditate on your surroundings. Trees need our help!  Consider trees as large extensions of the organic layer under your feet, which puts you right inside their strategic world.


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Book Review: The Nature of Oaks

Book Review: The Nature of Oaks

Reviewed by Maureen Sundberg

In The Nature of Oaks, Doug Tallamy hopes to encourage appreciation of the diversity in the web of life by focusing on a single tree that began as an acorn he planted in a pot and transplanted into his yard. Now 18 years old, still very young for an oak tree, Tallamy observes the tree and the many forms of life it supports then shares a month-by-month record of a few visitors.

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Forest Bathing: Tap into the Healing Power of Forests

Forest Bathing: Tap into the Healing Power of Forests

by Judy Beaudette If someone offered you a pill that would make you feel more optimistic and peaceful, would you take it? And suppose this medicine was free and had no side effects. Sound too good to be true? But wait—there’s more! Robust scientific studies show that this “pill” can lower blood pressure. Boost mental…

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Book Review: Iwigara

Book Review: Iwigara

Reviewed By Amanda Sloan

Dr. Enrique Salmón, a member of the Raramuri tribe, is an ethnobotanist and expert on indigenous cultural concepts of the natural world. In his book Iwigara, which is presented as a traditional botany book, he writes about eighty native plants. He mixes scientific and horticultural information, cultural uses, stories handed down, and his personal memories of the plants. 

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The Challenges and Opportunities for Riverbank Restoration

The Challenges and Opportunities for Riverbank Restoration

By Reed Pugh and Miles Connors

Winchester, Massachusetts, is situated on the banks of a tranquil, winding river.  Like many waterways in New England, the Aberjona River has become home to many non-native and invasive plants that have largely overwhelmed our native plant palette. The Aberjona Initiative, a working group of the Conservation Commission, is tasked with restoring the river and pond banks in town center. 

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ELA News

ELA News – July 2021

ELA News – July 2021

Learn about upcoming programs and find out what’s happening within the organization:

  • Volunteer with ELA
  • Eco-Answers with an Eco-Pro
  • Share Your Expertise
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Gleanings from Headline News – September 2021

Gleanings from Headline News – September 2021

Gleanings September 2021

We’ve scanned the media – in print and online – for items of interest to ELA’s ecologically focused audience:

  • Generations Working Together to Solve Climate Crisis
  • Insect Apocalypse
  • The World’s Climate is in Our Hands/El Clima Mundial Está en Nuestras Manos
  • Rich Desert River Struggles to Keep Flowing
  • Las Vegas Gets Aggressive Grass Removal Policy
  • Is Your Garden Ecologically Sound?
  • Do U.S. Food Systems Leave Behind People of Color?
  • Update on Mysterious Bird Deaths
  • Electric Lawn Care Sweeping the Nation
  • Tips for Hiring an Arborist
  • Observation is the New Rule for Gardens


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Gleanings from Headline News – August 2021

Gleanings from Headline News – August 2021

We’ve scanned the media – in print and online – for items of interest to ELA’s ecologically focused audience:

  • Can We Save Ourselves?
  • The Plant That Cannot Die
  • Snakes on a Plane!
  • Should Geoengineering Science be Used to Combat Climate Change?
  • Pesticide Sprays Harm Grassland Birds
  • The Guardian Changes Use of ‘Climate Change’ to ‘Climate Emergency’
  • Who Are We to Decide an Owl’s Fate?
  • More and More and More Plastics in Our Oceans
  • What NYC’s Little Island Says About Parks and Inequality
  • Saving the Western Monarch
  • Rhode Island Confronts Access to Public Coast
  • Tracking Species Recovery
  • Facebook Snafu Spells Trouble for Gardening Group
  • Invasive Moth, Caterpillar Could Devour Boxwoods
  • Get Reacquainted with the Browntail Moth
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Gleanings from Headline News – July 2021

Gleanings from Headline News – July 2021

  • Scientist Still Searching for the Pathogen Behind the East’s Songbird Epidemic
  • Six Species that Need Federal Protection
  • Desert River Gila Struggles to Keep Flowing
  • The Tick Project
  • USDA Identify Racial Barriers to Under-Served Communities
  • Bipartisan Bill Addresses Pollution on Working Lands
  • Solar Array Planted with Biodiversity in Mind
  • Can Satellite Imagery Detect Habitat Loss?
  • Do-It-Yourself Rain Garden
  • Massachusetts Regional Ecological Partnership
  • Tool Kit for Massachusetts Pollinators
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Archived Newsletters

I want to thank you and ELA for having such a wonderful speaker [Heather Holm] talk about our native bees and plant partners. It was fantastic. Great photos. 

Virginia K.

Thank you Penny for making this delightful series available to members of the GCFM. [A Walk in the Garden webinars] have been one of my favorite hours each week this springtime. The speakers have been top notch subject experts who have excellent teaching skills to boot. Their photo presentations have been beautiful and informative. All around an excellent series!

Linda N

I wanted to thank you for an excellent Walk in the Garden series. The webinars were all-around professional, fact-filled, and pertinent presentations. I've learned a lot and am inspired to implement some changes!

Margaret R.

I am really enjoying all the webinars that the Ecological Landscape Alliance is offering. Thank you so much for organizing them and making them available for FREE! I spread the news about them on my Constant Contact page for the NJ Native Plant Society. 

Susan H.

Thank you for via webinar - it really helps to save the professional development budget & travel time from my job. I find these information sessions very interesting, inspiring and informative.

Just want to say again how very much I appreciate the “Walk in the Garden” series. The quality of your programs is tops! A “Walk in the Garden” is so much more than a series of slideshows. It is a celebration of how all life is connected. It is great to have this positive reminder amidst the scarier reminders!

K.R. Watkins

Thank you for a full day’s worth of insightful material! Thank you for organizing this great event every year.

Karen C.

Speakers were very good, but meeting landscapers at the talks & in the lobby was best.

Cathy B.

I met and made new friends with great topics to discuss.

Timothy M.