What is the Ecological Landscape Alliance?

The Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA) is a nonprofit, member-based organization made up of professionals, businesses and pro-active community members who believe in using landscape practices that are environmentally safe and beneficial.

Our Mission

The Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA) was founded in 1991. We advocate for environmentally responsible stewardship of land and natural resources in landscaping and horticultural practices of both professionals and the public. Through education, collaboration, and networking, ELA promotes the design, installation, and maintenance of landscapes that are guided by a knowledge of and respect for natural ecosystems.

Our Members

We are diverse in many ways but united in common purpose. We:

  • Believe in using landscaping practices that are environmentally safe;
  • Believe that natural systems are the best guide for learning how to develop and maintain healthy landscapes;
  • Value landscaping methods that are based upon scientific studies and practical experience;
  • Are committed to educating ourselves and others about ecological landscaping methods; and
  • Believe that a network of dedicated people can be a powerful agent for change.

Today, ELA has over 400 members and our members include:

  • arborists
  • community activists
  • conservation commissioners
  • ecologists
  • educators
  • engineers
  • federal, state and town personnel
  • irrigation specialists
  • garden coaches
  • gardening enthusiasts
  • land planners
  • landscape architects
  • landscape designers
  • landscape professionals
  • landscape contractors
  • lawn care professionals
  • watershed personnel

ELA Communication Code of Conduct

ELA promotes communication and education in a framework of respect and tolerance for differing viewpoints. Refer to the ELA Communication Code of Conduct for details.