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Webinar: Fundamentals of Garden Layers

Wed, June 16 @ 12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT

Free Walk in the Garden for garden enthusiasts. When designing any garden, there is an opportunity to eschew the norms of beauty as the only priority. With careful planning, we can create a space that works in harmony with nature, expands biodiversity, builds healthy soil, and nurtures pollinators and other wildlife.

Webinar: Beautiful and Tough Natives Shine in Uncertain Times 

Wed, June 23 @ 12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT

ELA Member Event. Not a member, Join Us. In addition to providing valuable native plant information, this presentation will inspire you to spend time in the garden and to consider native plants for your next garden project.

Webinar: A Piet Oudolf Story with Deborah Chud

Wed, June 30 @ 12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT

ELA Member Event. Not a member, Join Us for a glimpse into Deborah Chud’s: Piet Oudolf Story. The presentation traces Deborah's discovery of Oudolf's work, her research on his plant combinations, and her use of that research to create a garden in his style.

Eco-Answers with an ELA Eco-Pro

Wed, July 28 @ 6:30 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT

Edible Landscapes: Member Event Dan Jaffe Wilder will provide answers to some common and some not so common questions dealing with edible plants including nut-producing trees, berrying shrubs, and annual vegetables in your gardens and landscape.

Eco-Answers with an ELA Eco-Pro

Wed, June 30 @ 6:30 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT

Water in the Landscape: Member Event Trevor Smith addresses your stormwater questions after beginning the evening with brief opening remarks. Share you questions in advance or during the interactive Q&A session.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Designing for Dry Stone Walling in the Landscape

Wed, September 8 @ 3:00 pm EDT - 4:00 pm EDT

Learn about the traditional dry stone construction methods with Daniel Peterson, HabAdapt Landscape Design, and discover the sustainability advantages of dry stone walls.

Webinar: Water Infiltration and Improved Soil Carbon Storage

Wed, September 15 @ 12:00 pm EDT

Ann English will explore strategies for increasing the carbon storage capacity of soil, including adding biochar, for increasing both carbon and infiltration capacities. She also will look at techniques for restoring degraded and eroded lands through planting and mulching.

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Featured Articles

Spotted Lanternfly: Invasive Insect Report

By Joshua Bruckner

Spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula, “SLF”) is an emerging invasive insect of concern in New England. Spotted lanternfly(SLF) was first detected in Pennsylvania in September 2014. It feeds on a wide range of fruit, ornamental and woody trees, with tree-of-heaven being one of the preferred hosts. It can spread long distances by people moving infested material or items containing egg masses. We must stop this pest could before it seriously impacts the country’s grape, orchard, and logging industries.

    Helical Piles

    By Bruce Wenning

    Want to construct an addition to your home but are afraid of damaging treasured mature trees and plantings, not to mention the damage from heavy machinery upon the soil structure. Helical piles are the answer. This little-known pier foundation system requires less time and physical effort than “dig and pour” cement footings and continuous cement foundations.

      Insomniac Bees

      By Sara Novak

      Insomnia weighs heavily on humans, and the same is true of bees. They depend on their circadian rhythms—their natural sleep-wake cycle—and when it’s disrupted, they become confused. For a bee, that doesn’t just mean overeating or losing patience with a spouse. It means never making it back to the hive. 

        Book Review: Deer-Resistant Gardening

        Reviewed by Kerry O’Kelly

        Dealing with deer is one of the biggest design challenges in gardening. Deer limit the design plant palette and cause untold damage, especially in the fall and winter. They can require costly fences, increase the maintenance burden, and exacerbate health risks from Lyme disease. This book has a lot of good deer guidance, especially to those new to dealing with deer. 

          Recent Articles

          ELA Names Winners of 2021 Spotlight on Natives Contest

          Photographers from across the country submitted nearly 200 images to ELA’s 2021 Spotlight on Natives Photography Contest. Each sought to capture the special allure of native plants – the unique structure of trunks, stems, leaves, blossoms, seeds; the juxtaposition of native plants in groupings; and the interaction of pollinators with native plants. This year’s entries again encompassed an outstanding array of plants and habitats.

          The Quarry Gardens at Schuyler

          By Cynthia Wood

          In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Nelson County, Virginia, the Quarry Gardens at Schuyler offer a unique opportunity for nature lovers to learn about native plants and their ecosystems. Opened to the public in 2017, the Quarry Gardens occupy 40 acres within a 440-acre natural preserve, and support a vibrant diversity of species.

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          Introducing ELA

          I just wanted to let you know I thought the conference was fantastic. It was so informative and the speakers where great! Thanks so much.

          Kim H. Kim Hoyt Architect & Landscape Architect P.C.

          I am an avid consumer of your web information and webinars. Keep up the excellent work!

          Judy P. Connecticut Sea Grant

          I wanted to thank you for an excellent Walk in the Garden series. The webinars were all-around professional, fact-filled, and pertinent presentations. I've learned a lot and am inspired to implement some changes!

          Margaret R.

          I especially enjoyed the Conference and felt like I learned quite a bit. I plan to make attending an annual event, either for me or one of my work colleagues.

          Michele A.

          I learned so much from David Seiter’s webinar.  I love the scientific approach and thinking differently about some plant species in terms of services, design, interaction with people, etc. Thank you!

          Missy F

          Thank you everyone for the energy you put into ELA. These programs shine from your involvement, expertise, and love of nature. I’m excited for what the next year will bring.

          Mark H.

          Thanks so much for organizing a great informative Mid-Atlantic conference. The speakers were all excellent and very enlightening, I came away with lots of new knowledge. I also enjoyed meeting and networking with lots of like minded professionals.

          Mark E. MSE Landscape Associates, LLC

          Laura and I were just talking about how much we get from all of the ELA events and webinars…. The good "vibes" abound at ELA events.

          John K, Land Design Inc.

          Thank you for a full day’s worth of insightful material! Thank you for organizing this great event every year.

          Karen C.

          Speakers were very good, but meeting landscapers at the talks & in the lobby was best.

          Cathy B.

          Thank you Penny for making this delightful series available to members of the GCFM. [A Walk in the Garden webinars] have been one of my favorite hours each week this springtime. The speakers have been top notch subject experts who have excellent teaching skills to boot. Their photo presentations have been beautiful and informative. All around an excellent series!

          Linda N

          Thank you for a lovely and informative conference at BBG this past December. [It was] very well run and a joy to attend.

          I salute you on the excellent conference today at BBG! It's cheering and edifying for my staff and me to be among so many people, old friends and new, who value horticulture and ecology.

          Thank you for via webinar - it really helps to save the professional development budget & travel time from my job. I find these information sessions very interesting, inspiring and informative.

          Thanks for providing the great professional society that I have been long searching for.... I am definitely a better, more informed practitioner for it.

          I am really enjoying all the webinars that the Ecological Landscape Alliance is offering. Thank you so much for organizing them and making them available for FREE! I spread the news about them on my Constant Contact page for the NJ Native Plant Society. 

          Susan H.

          Just want to say again how very much I appreciate the “Walk in the Garden” series. The quality of your programs is tops! A “Walk in the Garden” is so much more than a series of slideshows. It is a celebration of how all life is connected. It is great to have this positive reminder amidst the scarier reminders!

          K.R. Watkins

          Being an ELA member has allowed me ready access to resources that inspire and inform our new coastal landscapes initiative. I'm very thankful they exist!

          Gloria P, North Carolina Sea Grant, North Carolina State University

          I love the new website. It’s clean and clear and the articles you highlight have great, inspiring content.

          Meg H Plant Me a Rainbow

          THANKS FOR THIS WEBINAR EVENT -- and to the author for the links to the Rodale Institute. To-the-point, compact (but not compacted!), memorable and motivating!

          Joeth B.

          I thoroughly enjoy being a member of ELA. In fact, I get the most out of my membership from your organization than from any other professional organization I belong to. Your educational opportunities are fantastic, I have enjoyed every webinar I've ever attended, and your newsletter is always informative and helps me do my work. Thank you!

          Nancy H. Little Eden Gardens