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We are diverse in many ways but united in common purpose.
Our members align around these fundamental principles:

  • We believe in using landscaping practices that are environmentally safe.
  • We understand that natural systems are the best guide for learning how to develop and maintain healthy landscapes.
  • We value landscaping methods that are based upon scientific studies and practical experience.
  • We are committed to educating ourselves and others about ecological landscaping methods.
  • We strive to create a network of dedicated people who can be a powerful agent for change.

Find the membership level that is right for you. 

Student Membership

For full-time students who want to become an active part of ELA’s mission

Benefits include:

  • Discounted registrations
  • Free registration for webinars
  • Access to member’s only area on the ELA website (includes all archived webinars)


Community Membership

Benefits include:

  • Discounted registrations
  • Free registration for webinars
  • Access to member’s only area on the ELA website (includes all archived webinars)


Professional Membership

Enjoy Community benefits, plus:

  • Professional level gets 1 discounted ticket
  • Membership directory listing
  • Listing in Eco-Pro Directory


Company Membership

Enjoy Professional benefits, plus:

  • Up to 4 discounted registrations for all ELA events
  • Listing in ELA Speaker’s Bureau
  • Your company’s profile featured in one month in the ELA Newsletter
  • 10% discount off ELA website advertising
  • Inclusion in PR efforts and specialty outreach


Meet some of our ELA Members

Mark Highland

Mark Highland, Organic Mechanics Soil Company

Organic Mechanics is a wholesale manufacturer of premium, organic, peat-free potting soil, soil amendments, biochar, stormwater soils, including soils for rain gardens, bioswales, and more. Our philosophy embraces environmental sustainability as a core value. We are pursuing the dream of producing the most environmentally friendly, highest quality soils on the market.

Steve Kendall

Steve Kendall, Hartney Greymont

Hartney-Greymont is a company of approximately 60 full time employees specializing in tree care and preservation, landscape installation, and lawn and plant health care.

Christopher Lynn

Christopher Lynn, Clean Air Lawn Care of New Orleans

Clean Air Lawn Care provides lawn and landscape maintenance services using electric/battery powered equipment that are recharged from home and vehicle mounted solar systems. We are licensed in Louisiana for pesticide application and focus on holistic approach to lawn and garden care by using the least harmful - most helpful - products and methods available to achieve our customers' goals. Battery powered, solar charged, lawn and landscape maintenance with holistic lawn treatment programs.

Wendy Lindquist

Wendy Lindquist, Lindquist Landscape Design

Lindquist Design is a full service design company offering master plans, installation and a maintenance program. We are dedicated to sustainable design practices. Most of our work is in Fairfield County, CT and we occasionally travel to New York and Pennsylvania.

George Carrette

George Carrette, EcoQuiet Lawn Care

We use professional-grade, zero-emission electric tools - a quiet and sustainable revolution in the landscaping industry. We are proof that beautiful landscaping can be achieved with respect for the environment.

Heather McCargo

Heather McCargo, Wild Seed Project

Wild Seed Project encourages the use of native plants in all landscape settings to conserve biodiversity, support plant adaptation in the face of climate change, safeguard wildlife habitat, and create pollination and migration corridors for insects and birds. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Wild Seed Project sells seeds of locally grown native plants, produces an annual publication called Wild Seed, and educates the public so that a wide range of community members can help foster native plant populations.

Gwendolyn Martin

Gwendolyn Martin, Gwen's Gardening

I am based in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. I use sustainable and organic practices to create, enhance, and maintain residential gardens. No project is too small, and I welcome client collaboration.

Abigail Leonard

Abigail Leonard, Art People Nature - Design by Abigail Leonard

Abigail Leonard design collaborates frequently with local landscape architects and habitat design and restoration specialists. The goal is to elevate reclaiming habitats in our gardens that are beautifully designed, thoughtful, and immerse us the local ecological identity of where we live. Abigail offers full design and planting services, consultations to guide your own gardening process, and full service garden and habitat care through collaboration with Phoenix Habitats.

Lauren Lautner

Lauren Lautner, For Seasons Eco Design

For Seasons has been based in Marblehead MA for 30 years. Our focus is on low maintenance, seaside gardens that restore habitat and connect homeowners to the natural world, all while creating beautiful outdoor spaces!

Elena Pascarella

Elena Pascarella, Landscape Elements LLC

LANDSCAPE ELEMENTS, LLC provides a full range of landscape architectural services.We utilize the most up to date principles of sustainable site design, landscape ecology and cultural landscape preservation to create projects that preserve and enhance historic and cultural landscape patterns, conserve natural resources and minimize impacts to the environment. This approach provides clients with projects that are sustainable and that maintain and enhance the unique character of the site.