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We are diverse in many ways but united in common purpose.
Our members align around these fundamental principles:

  • We believe in using landscaping practices that are environmentally safe.
  • We understand that natural systems are the best guide for learning how to develop and maintain healthy landscapes.
  • We value landscaping methods that are based upon scientific studies and practical experience.
  • We are committed to educating ourselves and others about ecological landscaping methods.
  • We strive to create a network of dedicated people who can be a powerful agent for change.

Find the membership level that is right for you. 

Student Membership

For full-time students who want to become an active part of ELA’s mission

Benefits include:

  • Discounted registrations
  • Free registration for webinars
  • Access to member’s only area on the ELA website (includes all archived webinars)

* Gift memberships now available!


Community Membership

Benefits include:

  • Discounted registrations
  • Free registration for webinars
  • Access to member’s only area on the ELA website (includes all archived webinars)

* Gift memberships now available!


Professional Membership

Enjoy Community benefits, plus:

  • Professional level gets 1 discounted ticket
  • Listing in ELA Speaker’s Bureau
  • Membership directory listing
  • Listing in Eco-Pro Directory

* Gift memberships now available!


Company Membership

Enjoy Professional benefits, plus:

  • Up to 4 discounted registrations for all ELA events
  • Listing in ELA Speaker’s Bureau
  • Your company’s profile featured in one month in the ELA Newsletter
  • 10% discount off ELA website advertising
  • Inclusion in PR efforts and specialty outreach


Meet some of our ELA Members

shanti nagel

shanti nagel, Design Wild, Inc

Design Wild is a collaborative landscape design firm working at the intersection of climate, people, and community well-being. We believe the relationship between humans and the natural world is essential for individual health, the strength of communities and ecosystems, and the way forward on earth. We work to inspire peace & equity through the magic of plants by developing collective vision, fostering community, and transforming open space. We create beautiful, tough, ecologically regenerative designs for all types of public, private, and cultural landscapes. We love developing open space within community. We design and lead participatory processes for all ages and diverse populations.

Makaila Weir

Makaila Weir, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden

The Horticulturist safely completes horticulture maintenance and documentation while improving plant collections and seasonal displays within available resources. The Horticulturist can play numerous roles and specializes in various aspects of Conservatory operations. This role supports departmental and facility goals, mission, and values with a strong emphasis on customer service.

Daniel Peterson

Daniel Peterson, HabAdapt Landscape Design

HabAdapt Landscape Design focuses in ecologically sound, full service landscape design and installation services.

Susan Opton

Susan Opton, Terrascapes Landscape Design & Fine Gardening

Terrascapes is a sustainable landscape design company rooted in land and wildlife conservation principles. A fixed philosophy of giving back to the environment and helping others is at the core of Susan’s landscape design and gardening practice. Terrascapes provides design and installation services while also offering organic horticultural maintenance as a tool to maintaining beautiful gardens and surrounds.

Thomas Berger

Thomas Berger, Green Art

Green Art offers native plants in its retail location in Kittery/Maine, which is connected to Thomas Berger's sculpture garden. Thomas also offers design work for habitat gardens and is a public speaker about bees and other garden insects, and the plants they depend on.

Coralie Palmer

Coralie Palmer, Sugarbush Ecological Landscapes

Sugarbush Ecological Landscapes specialises in designing with native plants, connecting landscaping and ecology to support and restore healthy, biodiverse ecosystems. We research our designs with great care, combining our client’s landscape goals and horticultural and artistic considerations with the latest scientific findings to maximize the ecological value of the space. We also provide environmental consulting services, advocating for environmental and social justice as a key focus of city, community and organizational strategic planning. Our aim is that all people will have access to functional healthy ecosystems, feel safe and welcomed doing so, and feel valued as stakeholders and contributors to the conservation of these spaces and all the life that shares them.

Karen Prante

Karen Prante, Asclepias Landscape Design, LLC.

Asclepias Landscape Design is a small native plant landscape design company in Fairfax, VA. My company will serve the Northern Virginia area. My goals for my company are to share my passion in native plants and the wildlife that they support. I not only want to help make beautiful residential gardens, but help educate people on their ecological value.

Caleb White

Caleb White, New Leaf Ecolgocial Landscapes LLC

Inspired by our research about soil health, carbon sequestration, and other climate-change-related concerns, we view this work as vital to restoring and maintaining the well-being of our lands. We offer management plans that work to convert lands to ecologically beneficial landscapes, including lawn to native meadow conversions, invasive species control through manual removal and management, and installation of companion plantings of trees and shrubs of varying sizes for forest and landscaped areas.

Matthew Warren

Matthew Warren, Muddy River Herbals

We offer services in landscape design, installation, and maintenance with a strong focus on marrying high aesthetic standards/fine gardening technique with sustainable practices and providing habitat for native wildlife. We also have a small herb farm that integrates loads of native habitat, offering an herbal CSA program, classes, and more. We are currently growing our nursery to provide more native and herb container plants.

Michelle Coker

Michelle Coker, Gardenflow Designs

Gardenflow Designs is dedicated to designing thoughtfully planned, unique landscapes that provide regenerative solutions for our environment, create beautiful living spaces, and invite people to interact with nature. Specializing in residential landscape design.