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Climate Change


The Four Laws of Ecology

By Barry Draycott

Last year I found a copy of The Closing Circle, Nature, Man & Technology by ecologist Barry Commoner. I started rereading it and was stunned to find in the first chapter, even before he states the Four Laws of Ecology, Commoner discusses the fundamental interaction of nutrients, humus, soil microbes, plant health, and climate! What is amazing is the book was published in 1971!!

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Carbon Gardening

by Adrian Ayres Fisher

Gardeners new to the concept of carbon gardening often ask these two questions: What good soil management strategies will help maximize carbon sequestration? And, what would be a good plant palette to help accomplish this? Good questions. Read the article.

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Tools to Help Landscape Professionals Tackle Climate Change: An Ongoing Challenge

by Amanda Sloan

Many landscape professionals realize they are in a unique position both to notice changes to the local environment resulting from greenhouse gas emissions and to propose and enact creative solutions to counteract those changes. In 2018, ELA began discussion at the board level about what kinds of practical tools could be developed and promulgated to help landscape professionals transition to methods that do not cause greenhouse gas emissions. Subsequently, the ELA’s Carbon Working Group was formed and is looking for input.

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Managing Forests as a Natural Climate Solution: Understanding the Contributions of Heterogeneous Landscapes

by Ian A. Smith and Lucy R. Hutyra Constraining the global average temperature rise to below the targeted 2°C (3.6°F) will require both a reduction in greenhouse gas emission rates and natural climate solutions through land stewardship practices that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (1). Forest management is at the heart of many natural…

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Keep Carbon in the Ground

A Scientific Exploration of Climate Change and Soil Health by Dr. Kristen DeAngelis Soils rich in carbon are healthy soils, but climate change and poor management practices threaten to degrade soil carbon stores and in turn, degrade soils. In this article, I’ll present a brief overview of the current scientific understanding of why keeping carbon…

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Climate-Wise Landscaping

Practical Solutions for a Sustainable Future by Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt The following excerpt from Climate Wise-Landscaping, New Society Publishers, April 17, 2018, is reprinted with permission. Plant in Groups and Communities Why This Matters Planting in groups, groves, clusters, and assemblages will benefit the environment— and the gardener—in several ways. First, this type of…

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Maintaining and Increasing Carbon in the Managed Landscape

Conference Session Review by Alexis Doshas Garden designs that not only fulfill the desires of the client but also support and maintain optimal soil health translate into improved carbon sequestration and storage. M.L. Altobelli of Greenery in Motion Garden Design has years of experience with sequestering carbon in beautiful gardens and shares what she’s learned…

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Takeaways from Landscape Heroes

by Meghan O’Connell On January 31st, NOFA and the ELA teamed up to bring farmers and landscapers together to learn about three key components for creating healthy soil—and in turn, help reverse the effects of climate change. Those three featured “landscape heroes” were carbon, water, and biodiversity.

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