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ELA counts many ecological professionals among its members and supporters. We sometimes highlight their work and share their expertise through product and book reviews, or by asking them to answer specific questions posed to the ELA community.

UConn Native and Sustainable Plant Guide_Page_08 

Connecticut Native Plant and Sustainable Landscaping Guide

By Victoria Wallace and Alyssa Siegel-Miles

Interest in native plants and sustainable landscaping has exploded over the last decade. Through our UConn Extension Sustainable Turf & Landscape program, we provide practical science-based information to support the sustainability goals of Connecticut green industry professionals and home gardeners. With that in mind, we developed a free online guide of 44 pages of plant lists for every location matched with vibrant photographs.

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100 Plants to Feed the Monarch

Reviewed by Sara Bothwell Allen

As the populations of the Monarch (Danaus plexippus) have dropped precipitously in size in recent years, public engagement towards saving the Monarch is increasing thanks to education programming. This book provides gardeners, both novice and experienced, the information they need to make their home gardens or community spaces valuable parts of the Monarch’s global support system.

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Gleanings bird photo DSC_5451 (3) 

Gleanings from Headline News – July 2021

  • Scientist Still Searching for the Pathogen Behind the East’s Songbird Epidemic
  • Six Species that Need Federal Protection
  • Desert River Gila Struggles to Keep Flowing
  • The Tick Project
  • USDA Identify Racial Barriers to Under-Served Communities
  • Bipartisan Bill Addresses Pollution on Working Lands
  • Solar Array Planted with Biodiversity in Mind
  • Can Satellite Imagery Detect Habitat Loss?
  • Do-It-Yourself Rain Garden
  • Massachusetts Regional Ecological Partnership
  • Tool Kit for Massachusetts Pollinators
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Jerry Harris: Nymphaea odorata 

ELA Names Winners of 2021 Spotlight on Natives Contest

Photographers from across the country submitted nearly 200 images to ELA’s 2021 Spotlight on Natives Photography Contest. Each sought to capture the special allure of native plants – the unique structure of trunks, stems, leaves, blossoms, seeds; the juxtaposition of native plants in groupings; and the interaction of pollinators with native plants. This year’s entries again encompassed an outstanding array of plants and habitats.

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The Ecological Gardener

Reviewed by Molly Kerker

Keeping an orderly garden while planting native plantings can be challenging. Seeking intentionality in my gardening practice and hungry for new ideas, I picked up The Ecological Gardener: How to Create Beauty and Biodiversity from the Soil Up. This well-organized book provides a very clear philosophy of ecological gardening, along with many helpful tutorials and ideas.

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Gleanings from Headline News – June 2021

We’ve scanned the media – in print and online – for items of interest to ELA’s ecologically focused audience:

  • Firefly Summer
  • Celebrate Pollinator Week June 21-27
  • Should We Help Endangered Species Move?
  • New Hampshire Team Works to Create Living Shoreline
  • A New Invasive Tick to Worry About
  • Be on the Lookout for the Invasive Box Tree Moth
  • Tree-Smart Trade
  • Plants Forced to Adapt to Rapidly Changing Climate
  • Could Dandelions Make More Sustainable Tires?
  • A Ticky Situation
  • How Best to Restore the Natural World?
  • Rethinking Forest Carbon Offsets
  • Wolves Have a Place in Healthy Ecosystem
  • The EU Moves to Slash Plastic Waste
  • Citizen Scientist Track Fireflies
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Book Review: Deer-Resistant Gardening

Reviewed by Kerry O’Kelly

Dealing with deer is one of the biggest design challenges in gardening. Deer limit the design plant palette and cause untold damage, especially in the fall and winter. They can require costly fences, increase the maintenance burden, and exacerbate health risks from Lyme disease. This book has a lot of good deer guidance, especially to those new to dealing with deer. 

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Gleanings from Headline News – May 2021

We’ve scanned the media – in print and online – for items of interest to ELA’s ecologically focused audience:

  • Controlling Invasive Japanese Knotweed
  • No Mow May
  • How and (Why) to Use Native plants
  • Is There A Market for Blue Carbon
  • Significant Scale Restoration on Gulf Coast
  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • Dialogue Between Art and Nature
  • Massachusetts Bans the Use of Neonicotinoids
  • The Dirt Beneath Our Feet
  • Coffee May Help Reforestation
  • Let Go of the Perfect Lawn Created By Fossil Fuels
  • Don’t Be Impulsive
  • Composting 101
  • Everything’s Comin Up Compost!
  • UConn Produces Native Plant Guide
  • Dark Skies Protect the Birds
  • Gardens, Art and Activism Together
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