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ELA counts many ecological professionals among its members and supporters. We sometimes highlight their work and share their expertise through product and book reviews, or by asking them to answer specific questions posed to the ELA community.

Reindeer at sunrise in winter, Sweden. Photo by Sara Nordangard. 

Book Review: The Reindeer Chronicles

Reviewed by Margot Taylor

You’ve got to love people who can find, understand, and interpret patterns and relationships. Judith Schwartz is this type of person as I’ve learned reading her new book, The Reindeer Chronicles. An engaging and skilled storyteller, Judith lays out an ecological rehabilitation process for our broken ecosystems, communities, and financial foundations. And she shows us how the power of inspiration can lift the human spirit, open the heart, and restore our American “can do” attitude. 

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ELA News – October 2020

It’s a Bountiful Fall Our fall conferences will be conducted entirely online this year, utilizing tools that facilitate attendees’ interactive collaboration and offer an engaging and inspiring experience. Join us! Seasons End Summit – October 28 We look back at a season that has truly been like no other. As our landscapes wind down in the…

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The Curtis Cottage Garden at Garden in the Woods in Framingham, completed in 2019 by Wolf Landscape Architecture. 

Design Communications: Engaging the Clients

By Toby Wolf

Ecologically designed landscapes come into the world small and vulnerable. Until they are established, they rely completely on their owners’ patience and care.  And their owners rely on us, as designers, to tell them what to expect from their new landscapes and – even more importantly – to make sure that the landscapes fit the owners’ needs, values, and capabilities.


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Book Review: The Pollinator Victory Garden

Written by Kim Eierman, Published by Quarry Books, (2020)
Reviewed by Georgia Harris

I first heard about Kim Eierman’s book The Pollinator Victory Garden at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. While Eierman could not have predicted that the release of her book would coincide with a pandemic, the timing is particularly appropriate as more people are finding time to work in and enjoy their yards and gardens.  

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