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ELA counts many ecological professionals among its members and supporters. We sometimes highlight their work and share their expertise through product and book reviews, or by asking them to answer specific questions posed to the ELA community.

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Gleanings from Headline News – April 2021

We’ve scanned the media – in print and online – for items of interest to ELA’s ecologically focused audience:

  • Tallamy Forms HomeGrown National Park Initiative
  • Resolution to Declare April Native Plant Month
  • Drilling Arctic Refuge Will Release Double Dose of Carbon
  • Spotted Lanternfly Alert
  • Cities Take Action to Limit Loud and Polluting Lawn Care
  • Irrigation Canals Covered in Solar Panels is a Win/Win
  • Amelanchiers: A Native to Brighten Any Garden
  • Study Shows Carbon Emissions Across Entire Food Production Chain
  • Leaf Litter: Love It and Leave It
  • Carex flacca Found to Be Invasive
  • Healthy Pots, Healthy Planet
  • Twenty-Seven Year Study of Buzzards Bay Water Quality
  • Virtual Democracy to Protect the Little Things That Run the World
  • How Do Maple Trees React to Climate Change
  • Sci-Fi Eco Thriller
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ELA News – March 2021

Learn about upcoming programs and find out what’s happening within the organization:

  • Thank you to our Conference Community
  • Wednesday Garden Walks Begin March 31
  • Announcing 2021 Native Plant Photo Contest
  • Virtual Coffee March 17
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The Four Laws of Ecology

By Barry Draycott

Last year I found a copy of The Closing Circle, Nature, Man & Technology by ecologist Barry Commoner. I started rereading it and was stunned to find in the first chapter, even before he states the Four Laws of Ecology, Commoner discusses the fundamental interaction of nutrients, humus, soil microbes, plant health, and climate! What is amazing is the book was published in 1971!!

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Eco-Answers from the Pros: Recommendations for Conifer Screening

I’m struggling to find a good resource for conifers and cultivars that are well suited for a Maine landscape. I would like to plant evergreens for a privacy screening that doesn’t get above twenty feet. Could you recommend any good reference books with plenty of images? Would you recommend planting strictly native evergreens rather than other cultivars from other parts of the world?


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