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Developing Healthy Landscapes

An unhealthy environment should not be the price of a beautiful landscape. Inappropriate plant choices and inadequate soil preparation can lead to a reliance on excessive use of water and on toxic chemicals to resolve problems. Ecological landscaping encourages practices that promote a healthy environment through conservation of resources, respect for biodiversity, and ecologically-sound techniques.


Reintroducing bison to grasslands increases plant diversity, drought resilience, study finds – Kansas State University

Originally published by Kansas State University. Reprinted with permission By: Erin Pennington MANHATTAN — A Kansas State University-led study has found that reintroducing bison — a formerly dominant grazer —…

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Restoring a Pitch Pine-Oak Upland Forest at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary

Restoring a Pitch Pine-Oak Upland Forest at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary Written by: Dan Wilder, Director of Wildlife Ecology, Norcross Wildlife Foundation Norcross Wildlife Foundation is located in south-central Massachusetts and…

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A mixture of water, EM1, and molasses await incorporation into a bran & coffee chaff substrate as part of a bokashi recipe.

The Joy of Bokashi Composting

By Boris Kerzner

About five years ago, while living in a small house with a small backyard, I was fortunate to be introduced to bokashi composting. Whereas standard compost piles rely on the presence of oxygen for decomposition to occur, the bokashi method is a two-step process in which the first step occurs in the absence of oxygen. This composting method takes less space and less tending than a traditional compost pile.

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<em>Trametes versicolor </em> Turkey tail is one of the most common mushrooms in North American woods, 

Mycological Strategies for Surviving

By Paul Stamets

Today, we only have 10-15% of the forest debris that nature has needed to build the food webs for sustainable ecosystems. Widespread deforestation, factory farming, population expansion, industrialization, and concomitant pollution are ongoing threats imperiling our ecosystems and the foundation of our food webs at a time when unprecedented waves of humans walk the Earth needing water, sustenance and shelter. What do I recommend?

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Healthy Plate 

Ways to Improve Your Nutrition and Health During the Offseason

By Samantha McCarthy

Fall is now upon us. While physical activity is still a part of the daily job, it may not be as intense or strenuous as spring days. Eventually, winter will arrive again, and activity levels will drop significantly. It is now an excellent time to start changing your eating habits to reflect your activity levels. 


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