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Land Management


Book Review: Fruitful Labor

Fruitful Labor: The Ecology, Economy and Practice of a Family Farm Written by Mike Madison Published by Chelsea Green Publishing, 2018 Reviewed by Rhiannon Lewis Mike Madison is a farmer, a biologist, and an advocate for biota at all scales. From the soil fauna, to the cultivated crops and the native creatures, Madison espouses a…

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Book Review: Two Percent Solutions for the Planet

Two Percent Solutions for the Planet: 50 Low-Cost, Low-Tech, Nature-Based Practices for Combatting Hunger, Drought, and Climate Change Written by Courtney White Published by Chelsea Green Publishing, 2015 Reviewed by Theresa Sprague In his introduction to Two Percent Solutions for the Planet, Courtney White explains that the two percent in the title refers to: The…

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Taking it to the Extremes

by Sandy Vorce “How do you plan for Climate Change and all the wild weather?” This was a question recently posed by several college students who came to help out at Mass Audubon’s Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont, MA. These students were among the hundreds of volunteers who arrived at Habitat the…

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A Synopsis of Prescribed Fire in New England

by Joel R. Carlson Prescribed fire has been defined as any fire ignited by management actions to meet specific objectives, additionally a written approved prescribed fire plan must exist with all applicable regulatory requirements being met (NWCG 2012). New England is not commonly known as a region with fire influenced landscapes, yet actually it has…

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