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Native Plants


Sowing protocols and decision-making for growing native plants from seed

Written by: Will Larson Growing native plants from seed is a constant exercise in replicating habitat. We expose the seed to specific pre-treatment conditions to simulate the contexts and pressures…

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Restoring a Pitch Pine-Oak Upland Forest at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary

Restoring a Pitch Pine-Oak Upland Forest at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary Written by: Dan Wilder, Director of Wildlife Ecology, Norcross Wildlife Foundation Norcross Wildlife Foundation is located in south-central Massachusetts and…

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See those lady ferns on the left? Need more clumps of ferns in the center and on the right. 

There Is Always More

By Cathy Weston

No matter how thorough the weeding job, there are always more — weeds, invasives, or garden thugs. Sometimes it seems like the work is never-ending. “There is always more” could be the sub-title of this gardener’s life and the life of every gardener I know. When I get discouraged, I try to remember that there is always more joy to gardening, too.

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Supply and Demand of Native Species

By Marie Chieppo

The demand for native plants by homeowners, designers and people in the green industry is steadily rising. Enhancing our properties’ wildlife support functions doesn’t require an absence of ornamentals and other plantings we enjoy. Some straight species and cultivars with high ecological value can provide a lot. Taking it a step further, Doug Tallamy advocates for the repurposing of “America’s lawnscape” for ecologically productive use.

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