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Sowing protocols and decision-making for growing native plants from seed

Written by: Will Larson Growing native plants from seed is a constant exercise in replicating habitat. We expose the seed to specific pre-treatment conditions to simulate the contexts and pressures…

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Reintroducing bison to grasslands increases plant diversity, drought resilience, study finds – Kansas State University

Originally published by Kansas State University. Reprinted with permission By: Erin Pennington MANHATTAN — A Kansas State University-led study has found that reintroducing bison — a formerly dominant grazer —…

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Restoring a Pitch Pine-Oak Upland Forest at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary

Restoring a Pitch Pine-Oak Upland Forest at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary Written by: Dan Wilder, Director of Wildlife Ecology, Norcross Wildlife Foundation Norcross Wildlife Foundation is located in south-central Massachusetts and…

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        Probes that measure the soil nutrients available to plants. All photos by ©
Christopher Neill. 

Could We Manage Backyards to Increase Biodiversity?

By Christopher Neill

Woodwell Climate Research Center and a group of scientists across the country report on groundbreaking research into how American homeowners shape the structure and ecology of yard ecosystems. The project team contacted homeowners, took measurements in their yards, and conducted homeowner surveys.  The report examines not only how homeowners shape their yard ecosystem, but also why they do what they do.

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