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Myawaki Forest in Cambridge, Mas


Written by: Leslie Duthie

It is a beautiful 50′ circle of green in the dry park. Despite the severe drought, the trees look good and seem to have flourished in the space, albeit with irrigation. There is a tremendous amount of diversity from shrubs like native roses (Rosa sp.), chokeberry (Aronia sp.), sumac (Rhus typhina), and elderberry (Sambucus nigra); to fast growing tree species such as birch (Betula sp.) and poplar (Populus sp.), and even maturing canopy trees such as oak (Quercus alba and Quercus montana). This amazing forest experiment is thriving amid dying red maples and seems to be a tremendous bright spot in this city park. The park is expansive and offers many opportunities for the residents from grilling sites to sports fields to miles of walking trails. The Myawaki Forest experiment is another way of connecting people to the land. Planted by city park employees and residents of Cambridge this forest will offer lessons in nature and planting for many years to come.