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Figure 1b 

The Birds and the Trees: Managing the Urban Forest for Wildlife

by Dr. Susannah Lerman 

Trees and shrubs provide ecosystem services and societal benefits in urban and suburban environments. They also provide vital habitat for birds, pollinators, and other wildlife. A new tool correlates habitat requirements for songbirds, evaluates the bird habitat potential at ecoregion scales, and can guide habitat improvement plans.

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Nutritious acorns are an important food source [in winter] for birds and mammals, including the threatened Western gray squirrel. 

Prairie-Oak Ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest

by Eileen Stark

Plants, the primary producers on this planet, belong to irreplaceable, intricate ancient ecosystems, within which they support and depend on other species – both flora and fauna – to survive. I like to think of it as an everlasting give and take. These systems are so complex that even minor degradation messes with their function, and when we completely destroy them it’s next to impossible to bring them back. Yet it’s crucial that we try.

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