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Invasive Plants

Figure 4:  Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Climate Change and Invasive Species

By Carrie Brown-Lima

Invasive species are on the rise as trade and travel accelerate the introduction and spread of new species in a way never seen before. Simultaneously, our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate resulting in climate extremes. While these two phenomena are each daunting challenge to biodiversity, their impacts can act synergistically and present additional hurdles for conservation and sustainability. 

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Goats Weeks Autumn 2 

Goats as an Ecological Management Option for Invasive Plants

by Sandy Vorce

“Gotta get a goat” was the author’s mantra a decade ago as she struggled against bittersweet, buckthorn, and multiflora rose to regain a portion of meadow at Mass Audubon’s property in Belmont, MA. Her wish was granted, and the property now successfully utilizes a four-hoofed crew for control of invasive plants. Read the article.

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Rethinking Black Locust

by Dan Jaffe

Considered invasive in some New England states, black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) does not cause the ecological harm of many other species categorized as invasive. Given the ebb and flow of plant populations over time and the challenges of successful invasive removal, how should we treat black locust?

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Watershed Restoration

by Tao Orion This excerpt is adapted from Tao Orion’s book Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration (Chelsea Green, 2015) and is printed with permission from the publisher. Aquatic ecosystems have been largely mismanaged, and the growth of invasive species demonstrates the lack of appropriate interaction with these valuable natural…

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A Word About Weeds

by Teri Dunn Chace Excerpts taken from How to Eradicate Invasive Plants © Copyright 2013 by Teri Dunn Chace. Published by Timber Press, Portland, OR. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.   Worldwide Weeds Culturally, we live in a global village, thanks primarily to a dazzling array of technological advances in transportation…

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Three Invasive Plant Species to Really Watch Out For

by Michael Bald People sometimes ask which invasive plant species give me the greatest cause for alarm. They often have their own list or landscape perspective, but frequently we’ll agree on one or two. For me, it’s a fairly simple question, but first I frame the response with a touch of personal / professional experience….

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Exotic Invasive Plant Control Hand Tools for Homeowners

by Bruce Wenning This article was first published in the Spring 2016 issue of The Newton Conservators Newsletter. The cutting, digging, and plant-pulling tools that I use for controlling the spread of exotic invasive plants on nonprofit conservation lands are no different from what I recommend to homeowners and beginning gardeners. There are many tools…

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