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Watershed Restoration

by Tao Orion This excerpt is adapted from Tao Orion’s book Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration (Chelsea Green, 2015) and is printed with permission from the publisher. Aquatic ecosystems have been largely mismanaged, and the growth of invasive species demonstrates the lack of appropriate interaction with these valuable natural…

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The Case for Native Medicinal Plants in the Landscape

by Todd Lynch In the wellspring of DIY that has made permaculture and edible landscapes household terms, native medicinal plants are outside many conventional conversations about edibles. Although institutions and homeowners rarely consider the value of these plants when weighing their options for a “productive” or self-sustaining landscape, medicinal plants are a valuable landscape resource…

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Growing Permaculture at Greenfield Community College

by Shannon Dry and Abrah Jordan Dresdale Permaculture can be explained as a two-step practice: 1) observing the beneficial relationships, patterns, and processes found in ecosystems, and then, 2) mimicking those relationships in the design of systems that meet human needs equitably while regenerating the land. The student initiated and implemented permaculture garden at Greenfield…

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Beginner’s Mind

Starting an ecologically-based farm business on marginal lands in the highlands of western MA by Kate Kerivan The rough-mowed trail led through an old field of asters and goldenrod edged with native high bush blueberry and American cranberry, humming with native pollinators. The trail continued through a stand of multiple-trunked ash, red maple, and beech…

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Diversitree: Polyculture in Action

by Rebecca Leung Reprinted with the author’s permission from the Spring 2013 Wellesley College Botanic Gardens News. During the summer of 2012, one of the projects undertaken by the Environmental Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture interns at Wellesley College was the planning and implementation of a permaculture garden at Ashland Middle School located about ten miles…

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First Year’s Harvest from Wellesley’s Edible Ecosystem Teaching Garden

by Dave Jacke and Keith Zaltzberg On April 2nd, 2011, a team of perplexed students, gardeners, and community members gathered with shovels and rakes in hand at the base of Wellesley College’s observatory telescopes pondering the forest of purple, orange, and green stakes poking up from a snow-covered meadow. Mother Nature pulled an April Fools…

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