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Summer Wildflowers Cover.cropped 

Book Review: Summer Wildflowers of New England

Written by Carol Garcie, Princeton University Press, 2020
Reviewed by Maureen Sundberg

Carol Gracie’s admiration and affection for the flowers she researches and photographs is evident on every page of her new book Summer Wildflowers of the Northeast. Those familiar with the thoughtfully detailed life histories of plants in Gracie’s Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast will recognize in this companion volume her wide-ranging mix of the natural history of species and spectacular photography.

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Documenting the Spontaneous Flora of New York City with EcoFlora

by David Atha and Brian Boom

The New York Botanical Garden is documenting the flora of New York City using all available tools from traditional botanical techniques to modern technology and broad community participation. The goals of the project: document the spontaneous flora of NYC, enhance botanical and ecological understanding, and conserve the native biodiversity.

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Phytoremediation: Overview and Opportunities

by Steven Rock The following Foreword to Phyto: Principles and Resources for Site Remediation and Landscape Design, Routledge, June 2015, is reprinted with permission of the author. People have deliberately grown plants to alter their environment for at least millennia. The Roman roads were lined with poplar trees to both provide shade and to keep the…

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Mystery Plant Identification

Plant Identification Challenge Solved Thank you to the many readers who responded to the June Plant Identification Challenge. Glenn White, New Jersey, was the only entry to correctly identify Ixeris stolonifera, or creeping lettuce. Ixeris stolonifera is listed in the Natural Resources Conservation Services’ (NRCS) PLANTS Database as introduced throughout Delaware and New Jersey and in…

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The Compelling Case for Coreopsis

by George Coombs With new cultivars arriving on the market each year, it’s hard to deny the incredible popularity of coreopsis. Their colorful, daisy-like blooms are a coveted addition to the summer landscape. Unfortunately, many people are frustrated with coreopsis due to their unpredictable and often short-lived nature.  For this reason, Mt. Cuba Center conducted…

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Gathering Gardeners’ Knowledge

by Dr. Noel Kingsbury Dr. Kingsbury, British plantsman and author, presents “Plant Morphology: Guide to Predicting Plant Performance” at an ELA Intensive Workshop, November 20, 2015 at Longwood Gardens. Many gardeners and garden and landscape design professionals are frustrated by the limited amount of information given in plant reference books, particularly about the long-term performance…

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Pollutant Purging Plants!

Using phytotechnologies to clean up contaminated soils and groundwater by Kate Kennen Ms. Kennen presents “Phytoremediation: Pollutant Purging Plants” at an ELA Intensive Workshop, November 20, 2015 at Longwood Gardens. So, you’ve had the soil tested and it’s not good news. Can plants help remediate your site’s contaminants? Cost-effective phytotechnology (phytoremediation) plantings can be effective in…

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