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The Top Ten Successful Meadow Species and Why

by Penn Marchael

Establishing a meadow is difficult; you have to combat chaotic weather forecasts and wait at least three years to see results all while managing clients’ anxiety around whether or not it’s working. Knowing which species typically have the most success in establishment and longevity is a crucial factor in creating a sustainable meadow. Here are the top ten meadow species (from seed) that will make your meadows work.

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Top Ten Ways to Screw Up an Installed Meadow

by Nick Novick Opportunities for a meadow project to go south lurk at every stage, from design and customer interaction to installation and maintenance. Getting a meadow going is enough of a challenge without committing avoidable mistakes. The list could just as well be 9 or 21 items, but 10 seems like a friendly, round…

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Lawn Gone: Nourishing Our Ecosystems with Meadows

by Mary B. O’Neill, Ph.D. Reprinted with permission, this article first appeared in the July 2017 issue of Main Street Magazine. The American Dream of homeownership, good fences making good neigh­bors, and lush, rolling lawns – it’s the mythic trifecta of life in these United States. Or is it? Homeownership is down, while fences and…

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Native Grass and Wildflower Seeding: Q& A with the Experts

by Tara Mitchell ELA’s 23rd Annual Conference in March brought together three highly knowledgeable experts for a question and answer panel session on Native Grass and Wildflower Seeding: Mark Fiely, Horticulturalist at Ernst Conservation Seeds, Carlos Montoya, owner of Native Plant Associates on Martha’s Vineyard, and Larry Weaner of Larry Weaner Landscape Associates. Moderated by…

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Mowing Less at Bird Park: Sustainable Stewardship with Community Support

by Russ Hopping Parks and other cultural landscapes require careful planning and stewardship to make them special places for visitors. The natural world includes equally special and unique places that may require our care as well. The lines are not always clear between what is natural and what is cultural, however. Indeed in many, perhaps…

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Getting Real With Meadows

by Nick Novick A successful project requires careful consideration of design issues, keeping expectations in check, and an understanding of the ecological principles at play.

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Urban & Suburban Meadows

by The Meadows Project Urban & Suburban Meadows, Bringing Meadowscaping to Big and Small Spaces, addresses the problems caused by the extensive planting of non-native grass lawns across America.

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