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Measuring Progress: Permaculture Responds

by Ben Falk Sue Reed’s article, “A Talk of Three Garden Shows: Progress?” oversimplifies an important and complex issue. Since Sue did not attend my talks at the ELA Conference, I will offer some of the perspectives we work from when practicing permaculture. When referring to permaculture she states: “Like all the worst systems of…

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Learning from the Land: A Permaculture Design Provides an Outdoor Classroom for the Conway School

by Mollie Babize On a south-facing hillside in Conway, Massachusetts, an eight-acre experimental landscape and permaculture classroom is evolving. In its third year, this outdoor “learning lab” sits in close proximity to the Conway School, a ten-month graduate program in sustainable landscape planning and design. Jono Neiger, principal of Regenerative Design Group of Greenfield and…

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Installation and Early Maintenance of an Edible Garden

by Tricia Diggins The first plantings of the Edible Ecosystem Demonstration Garden at Wellesley College Botanic Gardens (WCBG) went into the ground this spring, beginning the multi-year implementation of a garden designed by Dave Jacke of Dynamics Ecological Design and Keith Zaltzberg of Regenerative Design Group. The garden “is designed to explore the question, ‘How…

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WCBG’s Edible Ecosystem Demonstration Garden: A Cutting Edge Exploration in Ecology and Botany

This article is reprinted with the authors’ permission from the Spring 2011 issue of the Wellesley College Friends of Horticulture (WCFH) Newsletter. Photos courtesy of WCFH. by Dave Jacke and Keith Zaltzberg How well can we design a plant community that mimics the properties, principles, patterns and processes of natural ecosystems but produces food and…

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Gaias Garden (excerpt)

In Gaia’s Garden, Toby Hemenway presents permaculture. Permaculture is a design method that helps humans design and re-wild landscapes following nature’s patterns. Robust enough to invigorate and regenerate landscapes across continents, permaculture has found astounding success is every climate. Hemenway takes it to the home-scale, offering tools to create self-sustaining systems that increase functionality and…

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