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More Than Just “Buying Stuff”

By Michael Baczewski

We buy stuff every single day, and it has never been easier. While conveniences abound, ethical questions remain, especially as we think critically about the murkier side of consuming this way. When strategic procurement and sustainable sourcing are used together, organic land care professionals can be at the forefront as environmental stewardship leaders and perpetuate transformative change.

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The Curtis Cottage Garden at Garden in the Woods in Framingham, completed in 2019 by Wolf Landscape Architecture. 

Design Communications: Engaging the Clients

By Toby Wolf

Ecologically designed landscapes come into the world small and vulnerable. Until they are established, they rely completely on their owners’ patience and care.  And their owners rely on us, as designers, to tell them what to expect from their new landscapes and – even more importantly – to make sure that the landscapes fit the owners’ needs, values, and capabilities.


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Contractors During Garden Installation 

Prepare for Success with Subcontractors

Contributors: Lauri Johnson, Nanette Masi, and Trevor Smith

Managing a project with multiple phases and many subcontracts can present scheduling challenges. We asked three ELA members to share their insights into how they screen subcontractors and successfully manage projects with many players and many moving parts.

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Stay Fit this Winter

Winter issues of many magazines are awash with articles suggesting ways to keep active in the cold months when we tend to slow down. Although it might be more enjoyable in the short term to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a book from the stack designated “landscape inspiration,”…

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Sharpest Tool in the Shed

How I Avoided Career-ending Back Surgery Through Nutrition by Trevor L. Smith “I know that walk,” joked an industry friend as I stiffly jumped down from my truck and walked toward him. I had just spent forty-five minutes in an air-conditioned truck, and all my joints had seized up. After a dozen strides the oil…

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Mobile Apps for Outdoor Work

by Rie Macchiarolo The advances we’ve made in technology, and especially in mobile apps, over the last decade have been huge. Before we relied solely on searching for information in books, asking our colleagues to share experiential knowledge, or using analog and more time-consuming methods to gather information. Now using mobile devices, we have unfathomable…

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Leadership Envisions and Defines the Dream

by Laurence Coronis As the end of another busy season draws near, this is an important time to set the course for you and your company’s future. It is my experience that the missing link in many companies is strong, consistent leadership that can create direction, build and coach your team, and hold staff accountable…

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