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Seven Steps to Building a Winning Team of Employees!

by Frank Crandall A major issue facing many small businesses, especially horticultural firms, is attracting quality employees and then finding ways to retain them. Lack of good employees will limit the growth of your company; however, hiring the right employees will provide you with the opportunity to assemble a winning team. With a team of…

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Five Steps to Increase Your Operational Efficiency

by Laurence Coronis Labor is the largest expense for almost all landscape operations. Your organizational skills and processes are important factors in your company’s efficiency in regard to your labor expense. I will outline five areas that you can focus on this year and explain why they are important to pay attention to.

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The Importance of Seasonal Cash Flow

by Frank Crandall I do not have to remind horticultural businesses of the significance of ensuring seasonal cash flow to pay bills throughout the winter months. As we wind down our landscape, the busy season for maintenance, garden center, design, and nursery businesses, it is time to evaluate, assess, and plan for 2013. Top on…

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“It’s All About the People”

by Laurence Coronis The quote in the title for this article is a comment made by Burt DeMarche of the Laurel Rock Company at a recent landscape association meeting, and it reminded me of the importance of taking care of your team. This really is the secret to achieving your competitive edge. After all, we…

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