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Mobile Apps for Outdoor Work

by Rie Macchiarolo The advances we’ve made in technology, and especially in mobile apps, over the last decade have been huge. Before we relied solely on searching for information in books, asking our colleagues to share experiential knowledge, or using analog and more time-consuming methods to gather information. Now using mobile devices, we have unfathomable…

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Product Review: Weed Wrench

Reviewed by Maureen Sundberg You’re clearing and widening a trail at a local park, or you’re clearing an overgrown area to expand a perennial bed. All is going well until you come upon a grove of buckthorn. You can grab a shovel and start digging, pulling, digging, pulling. Or you can grab a Weed Wrench.

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Product Review: The Muck Truck

Muck Truck will be exhibiting at the 2012 ELA Conference & Eco-Marketplace on March 8 in Springfield, MA. Reviewed by Trevor Smith For the past few years I have been checking out the Muck Truck at the ELA Conference & Eco-Marketplace. If you are unfamiliar with the Muck Truck, it is a motorized wheelbarrow. Its…

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