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Landscape Maintenance


Taking it to the Extremes

by Sandy Vorce “How do you plan for Climate Change and all the wild weather?” This was a question recently posed by several college students who came to help out at Mass Audubon’s Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont, MA. These students were among the hundreds of volunteers who arrived at Habitat the…

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Drip It!

by John Swaringen We’ve heard it all before, haven’t we? Drip lines clog and stop working. They take too much time and labor to install. It’s harder to complete bed maintenance around drip irrigation. Overhead watering is easier and is just as good for the plants. Irrigation contractors and landscapers can come up with lots…

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Reducing Tick-Borne Diseases in New England Using Integrated Pest Management

by Candace Brassard Public awareness of ticks and the pathogens they may carry has increased in the past 10 years. This article provides information specific to New England on tick species, their biology, and the pathogens they carry. Recommended integrated pest management (IPM) tactics are discussed including landscaping practices, the selection of plants to deter…

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Mill Brook Restoration – Strategies for Success Part 2

Maintaining and Monitoring the Project by Lisa Cowan, PLA, ASLA At a recent meeting with fellow landscape architects, there was a lengthy discussion and agreement about the importance of maintenance and follow-up monitoring for project success. That discussion was primarily focused on the challenges of ensuring good maintenance on traditional site development projects.

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