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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day – Get Started with these Eco-Actions!

As we approach Earth Day, share ELA’s list of ecological steps with colleagues, friends, and family. Here are actions all of us can take to make our landscapes more earth friendly.


Leaves and Soil

  • Use a rake to tidy the yard and clean up leaves instead of using a leaf blower. Manually removing leaves improves local air quality and saves energy too!
  • Recycle your leaves. Conserve resources by shredding leaves with your mower and returning them to your gardens. You’ll also save money, enrich the soil, and reduce energy consumption. Read more at Leave the Leaves.
  • Too many leaves? Then create your own compost pile. Turn leaves, vegetable and fruit waste, and other plant material into compost, a valuable soil amendment.
  • Next, feed your soil. Use your own compost or locate a local source of compost that is rich in organic matter. Healthy soil nurtures plants, aids water infiltration, and maximizes carbon storage.

Native Plants and Non-Native Invasive Plant Species

  • Plant a tree, or several trees. Native trees planted in the right location can reduce your heating or cooling bills.
  • Plant native groundcovers and deep-rooted, native grasses on steep slopes to prevent soil erosion and eliminate dangerous mowing locations.
  • Welcome native plants into your gardens to provide a better food source for beneficial insects, birds, and animals.
  • Learn how to identify locally invasive plants and safely remove them from your property, then replace them with native plant options. Non-native invasive species displace native plants, causing food shortages for native pollinators and other wildlife; reduce biodiversity; compete with native organisms for limited resources; and negatively alter habitats. Check these resources to learn more: U.S. Invasive Plants or Canadian Invasive Plants.