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Focus on Sustainability

This webinar series is geared to landscape professionals, land managers, garden enthusiasts, and anyone who stewards the land. The series is presented through collaboration of the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA), the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council (CCLC), Rescape California, and the Kansas City Native Plant Initiative (KCNPI). Known regionally for their quality education programs, these organizations are working cooperatively to share knowledge and encourage conversations with landscape professionals and gardeners from around the country and the globe.

Interactive webinars are taught by experts from across the country and cover a wide range topics relevant to sustainable landscapes. Additional webinars are being scheduled so please check back often for an updated list of offerings.

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September 2019

Webinar: The Art of Integrating Rainwater

Thu, September 26 @ 12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT

Thoughtful design considerations enhance the efficacy as well as the community enjoyment of landscapes designed to manage rainwater. Rain-harvesting landscapes focus on plant diversity, pollinators, habitat, texture, contextual themes, and seasonal interest.

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October 2019

Webinar: Regional Effort on Invasive Species and Climate Change (RISCC) Management

Fri, October 11 @ 12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

This talk will explore the idea of supporting assisted migration through our landscaping and gardening. We will look at risk through the lens of invasion ecology to see what that field can tell us about species that pose a higher risk or ecosystems that might be particularly vulnerable.

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Webinar: Creating Beautiful Gardens While Rewilding the Landscape

Tue, October 15 @ 12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

Designed space can bring us a dynamic life experience when we have an understanding of specific plants and their adaptive strategies.

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Webinar: Plants with True Grit

Wed, October 23 @ 12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

In this class, we’ll talk about some of the plants that have shown themselves to be especially tough in a variety of conditions.

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Webinar: Climate Change and Its Effects on Trees and Their Relationship to Insects

Tue, October 29 @ 12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

Dr. Herms will examine the evidence for anthropogenic climate change, including changes in patterns of precipitation; consider current and future impacts; and look at the implications for trees in urban and natural forests, especially their interactions with insects.

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November 2019

Webinar: Reliable Hydrangea Blooms? Choose Natives

Mon, November 11 @ 2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

Landscape Designer, Andi Ross will share the “best methods” for choosing, siting, planting, pruning, watering, cutting, and preserving these hydrangeas.

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December 2019

Webinar: Bell’s Woodland – Creating a Native Garden from Disturbed Woodland at Chanticleer

Tue, December 3 @ 12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

In this presentation, Mr. Walczak will discuss soil restoration, evaluating the effectiveness of different methods for a variety of situations; invasive plant species removal eradication versus suppression; and Hugelculture both as a way of gardening and as a tool for restoring woodland soil by addressing surface runoff and creating specific conditions for plants.

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Webinar: The Wet and Wild World of Constructed Wetlands

Tue, December 10 @ 12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT

This presentation will focus on three main topics: overview of constructed stormwater wetland design, case studies of construction projects implemented by the Horsley Witten Group in New England over the past five years, and lessons learned during the various phases of those projects.

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January 2020

Webinar: Reconnecting Water, Soils, and Vegetation: Green Infrastructure in the Urban Environment

Wed, January 15, 2020 @ 12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

This presentation will explore several case studies of successful GSI projects in Philadelphia, focusing on examples of community engagement and ecological restoration to successfully improve water quality and healthy neighborhoods.

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Webinar: The Role of Landscape in Our Global Environmental Crisis

Thu, January 23, 2020 @ 12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

In this presentation, Mr. Quinn will use his company’s approach as an example for how you can have a positive impact by creating landscapes that positively influence the biosphere.

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February 2020

Webinar: Conservation, Education, and Community Building through Prairie Restoration

Mon, February 10, 2020 @ 12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT

Join Brad Guhr for this informative webinar to learn more about this exciting prairie project at Dyck Arboretum of the Plains.

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March 2020

Webinar: Protecting Pollinators

Mon, March 23, 2020 @ 12:30 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

This Protecting Pollinators presentation explores why the dwindling pollinator statistics have become so dire and how they can be reversed.

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