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ELA News – July 2020

ELA Welcomes New Board

ELA members recently voted in a slate of officers for a two-year term. The new officers are Rie Machiarollo, President; Mark Highland, Vice-president; Michael Opton, Treasurer; and Dan Jaffe Wilder, Secretary.

Outgoing president Toby Wolf oversaw two years of incredible growth for ELA. Toby recaps his time as ELA Board President and incoming Rie Machiarollo previews the year to come in their letters to the community.

The 2020-2021 ELA Board welcomes two new members, Uli Lorimer and Molly Kerker, who will each serve a three-year term. You can learn more about the newest board members here.

We also thank and bid farewell to two retiring board members, Cindy Goulder and Kevin Staso, both of whom were instrumental in growing ELA’s programs in New York and the Mid-Atlantic.

Your Skills Needed!

Although the Board of Directors oversees ELA’s operation and management, many of the events and activities are assisted by the generous help of volunteers. Over the next few months, we hope to fill three volunteer positions listed below. If one of these opportunities resonates with you, please email us to get more information:

~ Treasurer – Helps the Executive Director maintain monthly financial records (~4 hours/month)

Outreach Coordinator – Looks for opportunities to extend the reach of ELA (~4 hours/month)

~ Website Steward – Helps us keep our website refreshed and up-to-date (~4 hours/month)

ELA Webinars in Two Series Remain Free Through August

A Walk in the Garden webinar series, introduced during the initial stages of COVID-19 quarantining, received an unprecedented response from participants around the world. Over 8,400 individuals registered for the webinar series, and registrations came in from over 1,600 cities (check this map to see attendee locations). Thank you to our creative and knowledgeable presenters, and thank you to everyone who took time on a Wednesday to stroll through a garden with ELA.

If you missed A Walk in the Garden, the webinars will be available for viewing by non-members through the end of August. Members will continue to have access. Find the webinar list here.

Also through August, ELA is opening up seven seasons of the Focus on Sustainability webinar series for viewing by non-members. Over 80 webinars explore topics on a wide range of ecological principles and practices. To access the webinars, viewers simply complete a guest registration.

ELA members enjoy year-round member discounts on the many talks, tours, and webinars that ELA offers each year on a wide range of topics. Check the ELA website for the list of Upcoming Events and to join ELA.

Volunteer Coffee Is Back – July 22 (New date)

We’re anxious to hear from you. Volunteer for a few minutes this month, or any month, by calling in for virtual coffee with ELA. If you have an idea for a program, heard a terrific speaker, or learned about a great resource call in to share any time between 12:30 and 1:00 on July 22. Email for the call-in number. Hope to talk to you then.