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Urban & Suburban Meadows

by The Meadows Project

Urban & Suburban Meadows, Bringing Meadowscaping to Big and Small Spaces, addresses the problems caused by the extensive planting of non-native grass lawns across America. In ignoring the environmental consequences of such landscape planning, ecosystems are being destroyed and replaced with chemically maintained monocultures.

Author and photographer, Catherine Zimmerman combines her expertise in photography, storytelling, environmental issues, horticulture and organic practices to offer meadowscaping as a lawn alternative. Zimmerman weaves her personal journey of changing her own landscaping choices into a guide that demonstrates both the need to change current, detrimental landscaping practices and the practical know how and resources to accomplish that change.

Michael Nadeau, Larry Weaner and Neil Dibol, highly regarded experts in meadow establishment, lend their knowledge for site preparation, design, planting and maintenance. Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home, weighs in on the native plant, native insect connection. Plant lists and resource sections for nine regions across the United States provide local sources to assist the meadow creator in bringing diversity back to urban and suburban landscapes.

Due out this summer is the companion video to Urban & Suburban Meadows. The video features meadow experts demonstrating meadow creation and maintenance.

“Urban & Suburban Meadows demonstrates land stewardship practices that are both ecologically sound and aesthetically appealing. Author Catherine Zimmerman celebrates the character of our natural landscape with native plants that nurture and restore ecosystems.” — Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council

“This skillfully crafted guide is a wonderful resource providing the gardener with concise step by step instructions on how to “meadowscape” existing lawns into easily managed, pesticide free, native meadow gardens that provide all-season beauty while protecting and providing for nature.” — Steve Castorani, North Creek Nurseries