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Member: Brooke Gwendolyn Safford

Brooke Gwendolyn
Company Blooming Landscape & Design
Personal Bio Brooke has a diverse background in water quality, natural resource planning and landscape architecture. She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a Masters in Landscape Architecture. She is also certified in Permaculture Design. She worked for the National Park Service for 12 years and now owns a landscape design and installation business in Durango, CO. Brooke has a passion for sustainability and conservation. Her work over the past 20 years has reflected that passion. Her graduate thesis focused on the viability of green roofs in arid areas and their role in stormwater pollution prevention. She is very interested in the melding of design with ecological restoration. The questions she routinely asks herself are “How can we design with the planet in mind?” “How can we create beautiful, functional and restorative landscapes that not only appeal to the human eye but restore and heal our planet, as well?” This weaving of restoration with design has been the main focus throughout her career. Her thoughtful designs attempt to restore biodiversity and bring resilience back into the landscape. She is an advocate of using native plants when possible and a proponent of capturing and using rain and stormwater on site. She has recently proposed the installation of native pollinator gardens along the Durango River Trail in an effort to educate the public on the importance of pollinators and to provide habitat and food for a rapidly declining pollinator population. She wants to pioneer a new form of landscaping that moves away from ornamental landscapes dominated by lawns and exotic plants and into more holistic, beautiful and functional landscapes that are enjoyed by all of earth’s inhabitants.
Business Description Blooming Landscape & Design (BLD) specializes in beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly landscapes. BLD offers the following services: 1. Site analysis 2. Flora and fauna inventories 3. Landscape design 4. Regenerative design 5. Landscape installation 6. Landscape maintenance 7. Native pollinator gardens 8. Permaculture design 9. Food forests 10. Birdscapes 11. Biodynamic soil treatments 12. Trail design 13. Xeriscape/Water-wise landscapes 14. Rainwater harvesting 15. Regenerative lawns 16. Professional consultation 17. Workshops
Address 740 O'Brien Drive
Durango CO 81301
United States
Phone Numbers Work: 970-238-6132
Cell: 970-238-6132
Primary Business Designer, Ecological Restoration, Educator, Green Infrastructure Contractor, Landscape Architect, Landscape Contractor, Maintenance Provider
Specialties Ecological Restoration,
Integrated Pest Management,
Lawn Care,
Native Plants,
Certifications Landscape Architect (ASLA),
Landscape Designer (APLD)

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