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Gleanings from Headline News – July 2019

Eastern White Pine Dieback Update

In the last 10 years, Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) has shown widespread symptoms of decline. Nick Brazee, Plant Pathologist at UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab, provides an update. Read more at UMass Extension.

Celebrate Fireflies

If you missed World Firefly Day early this month, you can still learn about efforts to support one of summer vacation’s iconic insects. Read more from Xerces Society.

NASA Tool Measures Up Trees

A new tool in the NASA GLOBE Observer app lets citizen scientists help validate tree measurements taken from space. Knowing the height of trees can help researchers estimate the health of the world’s forest and calculate the amount of carbon dioxide they retain. Read more at The Verge.

The Right to Plant Veggies

Fined $50 a day for violating a local ordinance forbidding vegetables in front yards, a Miami couple lost their case in appeals court. Six years later, the Florida Legislature has passed a bill protecting vegetable gardens. Read more at NPR.

Circular Cities: What Can Green Infrastructure Do?

The world’s population is projected to concentrate even further in urban areas, which will generate more waste and consume more resources, including energy. In a nod to nature, green infrastructure offers opportunities in the transformation of population centers into circular cities. Read more at

Forgotten Landscapes: Bringing Back the Rich Grasslands of the Southeast

Native prairie and savanna once covered vast areas of the U.S. Southeast from Maryland to Texas, but agriculture and sprawl have left only small patches remaining. A new initiative, driven by scientists and local communities, is pushing to restore these imperiled grassland habitats. Read more in Yale Environment 360.

UC Biologist Warns Against Pretty Invader
Once a suburban favorite, flowering pear trees are driving out native plants in Eastern forests. A University of Cincinnati biologist issues a warning to other states. Read more in UC News.

Urban Forestry Webcast Series

Urban Forestry Today offers a free webinar series at noon EST the second Thursday of each month, and you can access archived webinars from their website. Find more information