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ELA News – July 2019

Summer Workshop: Let’s Talk Apples

As strawberry season yields to raspberries and blueberries, we know that peaches and apples aren’t far behind. Join ELA on Tuesday, July 23 for a workshop on orchard care: Let’s Talk Apples. We’ll discuss orchards past and present with an eye to the future.

National Green Infrastructure Certification Program

August 5 – 9 ~~~ 8:30AM – 5:00PM ~~~ Boylston, MA 

Every week delivers a dire story about heavy storms and regional flooding. Whether the problem is overtaxed stormwater systems discharging sewage in Boston or streets turning into streams in Des Moines, handling water in the landscape has become an urgent need.

Solutions require professionals with expertise in green infrastructure technologies and a labor force with the skills to meet increasing demands. The National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP) provides broad training in green infrastructure in order both to meet growing demand for green infrastructure solutions and to develop the work force of the future. The program offers foundational concepts and skills needed to design and oversee construction, inspection, and maintenance of green infrastructure.

The week of August 5th Trevor Smith, NGICP certified trainer, teaches a NGICP certification class at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA.

Register to become a certified expert in green infrastructure that includes

  • Bioretention (rain gardens, curb extensions/bulb-outs, bioswales and stormwater planters)
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Permeable pavements
  • Green and blue roofs
  • Dry wells and stormwater wetlands

Find course details and registration information here.

Summer Eco-Tours

ELA Eco-Tours offer in-person opportunities to explore ecological landscapes. Professionals involved in designing and installing ecological landscapes act as tour hosts, guiding small groups of attendees, providing context, and answering questions. Refer to the recent events list for upcoming tours.

Virtual Coffee on Hiatus

We’re taking a break from volunteer coffee until later in the year. During the interim, if you are inspired by a great idea for a workshop, hear about a great webinar topic, or know of an opportunity ELA should explore, don’t hesitate to send an email:

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