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Ebook Review: Greater Garden Yields with Drip Irrigation

Greater Garden Yields with Drip Irrigation
Written by Robert Kourik
Published by Metamorphic Press, 2012

Reviewed by Brett Graf

Robert Kourik’s ebook, Greater Garden Yields with Drip Irrigation, provides strong evidence that drip irrigation is not just for low-water landscapes. It contains information from numerous studies that show that using proper drip irrigation strategies can improve the health and production of garden plants and the soil they live in.

He covers important topics like soil health and structure, how different methods of irrigation influence root growth, choosing the right emitters for the job, effective use of in-line emitter tubing, watering schedules and much more. Kourik does a great job explaining how the right combination of these elements will produce the healthiest plants and the best harvest.

This is great reading material for anyone who is skeptical about using drip irrigation, or wants to learn basic to advanced drip irrigation strategies. Kourik explains how it works, and this ebook will help build your confidence in the design and installation of drip irrigation. He tops it all off with some specific plant knowledge and great recipes for meals and snacks using low-water garden plants – like fruits, veggies, and herbs.

About the Author

Brett Graf is the owner of Habitat Gardens in Santa Cruz, CA, offering ecological, sustainable, and innovate approaches to landscape and garden services. Brett is a certified as a Permaculture Design Consultant, Western Herbalist, and Landscape Horticulturist. Committed to social justice and a healthy environment, Brett is involved with many local and national conservation groups. He may be reached via his website.