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Soil Biology

Webinar replay from July 23, 2024


Soil contains an incredible diversity of organisms that make up the Soil Food Web. You may consider yourself a landscaper. In reality you are a landscape supervisor and your workforce is the Soil Food Web. Successfully manage these soil artisans and they create the glorious landscape you desire with minimal input on your part. In this webinar you will learn the invaluable contributions these essential creatures make to the landscape process. Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, mycorrhizae and others improve plant fertility while helping manage pests. They sequester nutrients and improve soil structure, which protects ground and surface waters from contamination. A healthy Soil Food Web results in healthy, pest resistant plants minimizing or even eliminating the need for pesticides. Explore methods to maximize the benefits from the Soil Food Web as we dig into the latest tools and techniques of environmentally sound soil management.

Steve ZienSteve Zien founded Living Resources Company (LRC) in 1974 as an organic farm that also rented 1,000 community gardens in Southeastern Wisconsin. Moving to California in 1977, Steve transformed LRC into a horticultural operation providing organic landscape and garden services to businesses, governmental agencies, and the general public. These services include soil analysis, custom organic fertilization formulation and application, organic pest management, consultations, and educational instruction. With Steve’s commitment to education and outreach, he quickly became known as Sacramento’s Organic Advocate while writing an organic garden column in the local paper, teaching courses in organic horticulture at American River College, the University of California Davis, serving as the IPM Specialist at the California State Fair, managing an organic retail nursery and regular appearances on radio talk shows. Steve has worked with and served as a technical advisor for numerous organizations including the National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns, Pesticide Free-Sacramento, California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s School IPM Program, Our Water Our World, EcoLandscape California and others. After receiving his Soil Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Steve became a Wisconsin Certified Soil Tester.  He currently is a California Licensed Pesticide Applicator utilizing only organic practices, a Qualified EcoLandscaper, and a California Certified Nursery Professional.

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