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Plants with True Grit

Webinar replay from October 23, 2019

Both in the designed landscape and in the wild, plants thrive or die within a wide variety of conditions, often surprising us with either outcome. Our observations and experiments can help us choose which plants have a greater chance of tolerating the conditions we want to place on them. In this class, we’ll talk about some of the plants that have shown themselves to be especially tough in a variety of conditions.

Amy Nyman is landscape designer and owner of Ruby Leaf Design, providing ecological solutions that include site analysis, landscape restoration, water management, hardscaping, master plans, planting plans, and edible landscapes. Her design philosophy is founded on the belief that landscapes should blend beauty, function, and health. Her professional goal is to help people find that balance within their living spaces. She enjoys integrating native plants into the formal garden, offering both recognized structure and a sense of place by reconnecting the space with regionally-native plants, while also increasing the biodiversity and resilience of the landscape.

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