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Organic Lawn Care: Healthier Lawns for People, Pets, and Pollinators

Webinar replay from February 26, 2020

We each have our own lawn care style — some are protective (mow, mow, mow!), while others take a more laid-back approach. No matter your style, there are ways to reduce the environmental impact of your lawn care practices.

Organic lawn care isn’t difficult — in fact, it can save time and money, while protecting you, your family, your pets and the environment.

In this presentation, Mary Travaglini will guide you through the steps and strategies for healthy lawns. Mowing strategies, mulching with grass clippings, repairing damaged lawns, conserving water, choosing green lawn equipment, and much more will be covered.

Sneak preview: Did you know that if you cut your grass below 2 inches or less, the grass will draw energy from its root reserves to grow, instead of drawing energy from the sun?  Keeping grass tall during the summer also helps the plants tolerate the heat and dry weather, rather than requiring more water.

This free webinar will provide homeowners with valuable, practical steps to create healthier lawns for their families, pets, and the planet.

Mary Travaglini is the Manager of the Organic Lawn and Landscape Program, providing direction and oversight for Montgomery County, Maryland’s new organic lawn and landscaping program. Mary has degrees in natural resources and landscape architecture from Cornell University and the University of Michigan, and has previous experience with invasive plant management, landscape design, trail construction, and stormwater management, all of which she applies to educating the public about organic landscaping practices.

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