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Creating Beautiful Gardens While Rewilding the Landscape

Webinar replay from October 15, 2019

There are several aspects of effective landscape designs that make them successful. Understanding the technology of specific plants and how they may integrate into any given landscape is the key to composing beautiful plantings. Designed space can bring us a dynamic life experience when we have an understanding of specific plants and their adaptive strategies.

In this presentation, we’ll look at how to utilize cool and warm season plant characteristics to stabilize soils and create desirable compositions. We’ll discuss the role of ephemeral plants to build desirable seed banks while a garden is evolving and examine the role of aggressive and invasive plants and how they may be used successfully to manage grand scale and limited budgets. Finally, we’ll examine the successes and failures of projects as well as what inspires these gardens.

Donald Pell stumbled upon his passion in the extreme. Having grown up propagating plants in his parents’ nursery, Mr. Pell became fascinated with all things horticulture from very early on. He also was inspired hiking through neighboring remnant prairies, spontaneous hedgerows, and an abandoned nursery in his youth. He started his company at the age of 20 and soon began working under landscape designer and mentor Susan Jones. Mr. Pell designs immersive gardens that are evocative of the regional landscapes. These gardens look to realize the possibilities of place. Donald Pell Garden is situated on a 14 acre farm where gardens are being developed for pleasure and education.

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