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Member: Sophia Pilling

Company Sweetfern Gardening
Personal Bio I have been lucky enough to have grown up on Cape Cod since the age of 8 and have been gardening professionally here for the last 17 years. I live with my dog and my husband in Harwich, right on the edge of the beautiful Punkhorn woodlands.
Business Description Sweetfern Gardening is a small company based on Cape Cod offering ecological fine gardening maintenance, design, and installation services. Our thoughtful approach to your gardens aims to create beauty for humans, forage and shelter for animals and insects, and support healthy plants through building soil and following proper horticultural practices. We believe a great garden is in harmony with all three of these things.
Address Array
Harwich MA 02645
United States
Phone Numbers Work: 774-212-9793
Instagram: @sweetferngardening
Primary Business Designer, Maintenance Provider
Specialties Fine Gardening,
Native Plants,
Certifications nofa
Other Certifications Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist

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