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Address 57 Chester Street
Arlington MA 02476
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Cell: 781-228-1492
Comments / Notes Since my retirement, while continuing to pursue my passion for gathering, eating and teaching people about wild edible plants (edible weeds and invasives as well as natives) and mushrooms, I am also aspiring to become a “Johnny Appleseed” of sorts for native edible species. I am hoping that I will more than match what I “take” (in the form of edible nuts, berries, etc.) with what I “give” (in the form of propagating and planting edible native species, and assisting and partnering with others in this endeavor). In the fall of 2015, I began to gather and store the seeds, nuts and fruits of edible native species, and share the seeds with others as well as learning how to propagate them myself. Already, I have been supplying native plant propagators and nurseries in this region with Shagbark Hickory and other nuts and seeds for propagating, which they then grow into seedling trees, some of which they sell to the public and some to me, which I then distribute to folks for planting. In the meantime, I am currently forming partnerships with land trusts, municipalities, state and federal agencies and other owners/managers of conservation and other lands to explore the possibilities of enhance the plant diversity on suitable sites they own/manage with native edible species.
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