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Member: Dena Riegel

Company Wild Gardener LLC
Personal Bio Dena has lived and worked in Portland, ME for 16 years as an educator, writer, and activist. She ran a pre-k outdoor education co-op for 7 years and is a certified OWL (Our Whole Lives) curriculum facilitator. She loves experimenting with her yard laboratory in permaculture and rewilding techniques. She loves hiking with her little family a lot, as well as chilly swimming and saunas. She sings in a band with some of her best friends.
Business Description Wild Gardener sources and designs all organic & responsibly grown native plant gardens in greater Portland, ME without the use of cultivars or industrial horticulture plants: creating, never taking, from the wild. Woman owned & operated, we are a part of Maine's growing "Teeny B-Corp" small business model, with community focus, sustainable practice, ecological restorative justice, and a farm-to-garden relationship with local growers.
Address Array
Portland ME 04102
United States
Phone Numbers Work: 2078993802
Primary Business Designer, Ecological Restoration, Educator, Grower/Propagator/Nursery
Specialties Ecological Restoration,
Native Plants,
Play Spaces
Other Specialties Hellstrip adoption

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