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Green Roof Workshop at ELA Conference

Gree Roof PlantsGet Hands-On Green Roof Experience at ELA Conference

Planting a roof in February? In Springfield, MA? Why not when it’s part of the 20th Annual ELA Conference & Eco-Marketplace?

On February 27th, George Irwin, President of Green Living Technologies International (GLTi), and Trevor Smith, owner of Land Escapes and ELA President, offer a hands-on demonstration of a living roof installation. The early morning workshop takes place before regular conference sessions begin on Thursday and allows participants to get their hands dirty as they walk through the steps for green roof installation exactly as they would be completed at a client’s site. Participants will help complete all the installation steps working with all the parts and materials required to complete a job.

This green roof workshop will demonstrate roof preparation; waterproofing; common green roof details such as edging, ballast, and root-free ones; optional irrigation; and installation of pre-grown sedum mats. George and Trevor will also demonstrate how to plant larger material such as shrubs and trees and how to lay a patio directly on top of the living roof.

Whether conference goers take advantage of the early morning workshop, or stop by later in the day to check out the results, they’ll be able to closely inspect the current green roof technology. Sponsored by GLTi and Land Escapes, the completed roof will be donated to an organization still to be determined.

To attend the free workshop, register for the ELA Conference.