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Pest Management


White Grubs in Turfgrass: Biology and Management

ELA presentation by Dr. Patricia J. Vittum, University of Massachusetts, Department of Entomology. Summary by Bruce Wenning, Horticulturist and Entomologist at The Country Club in Chestnut Hill, MA and Land’s Sake Consultant. Bruce also serves on the Ecological Landscape Alliance Board of Directors. The term “grub” generally refers to the immature or larval stage of…

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Pest Control Basics

When pest problems occur in the landscape, an understanding of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can help to reduce the use of harmful chemicals that can be harmful to beneficial insects. Watch the following Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA) video to learn more. This video is an excerpt from an interview with ELA’s past Vice President, Kathy…

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Controlling White Grubs Without Chemicals

by Bruce Wenning White grubs are insect pests of home lawns, athletic fields, parks, gardens and anywhere their preferred hosts grow. They live in soil, are C-shaped, have six legs, chewing mouthparts, and feed on turfgrass roots and the roots of other plants. Lawns that are attacked by these pests show poor vigor, thin turf,…

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