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2023-2024 Rie Macchiarolo Bio (Immediate Past President)


I live in a collective house in Somerville, MA with a small but mighty (mostly) native garden that attracts all sorts of pollinators and smiles from strangers. As the Director of Ornamental Horticulture at Mount Auburn Cemetery, I oversee the maintenance of the ornamental gardens and native meadows in cemetery. I collaborate with a team of directors in the Horticulture & Landscape department to maintain this landscape of exceptional beauty. I have been an active member of the ELA board of directors since 2016. My experience includes designing, installing and maintaining native landscapes, managing invasive plants, maintaining green infrastructure systems, and restoring native landscapes. I love seeing wildlife interactions with new plantings, learning new plants, and staring deeply into the eyes of a flower!

Why ELA?

“I love supporting the ELA community because it’s packed full of some really interesting and creative people who want to make the world better for all of the beings that live here.”