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2023-2024 Penn Marchael Bio


Penn Marchael is a licensed pesticide applicator and certified horticulturist in multiple states. Working professionally in the horticulture industry since 2009 starting in the nursery trade and moving into fine gardening, project management, and ecological restoration. With ten years experience installing and maintaining meadows from Virginia to Northern New York with a total of over one hundred fifty acres installed and many more maintained and monitored. After spending the past five years working with Larry Weaner Landscape Associates refining his meadow maintenance techniques, Penn has launched his own landscape company, Pennington Grey Landscape. Here he will be training the next generation of native plant stewards, meadow experts, and horticulturists.

Why ELA?

“I chose to be part of ELA because the ecological environment is dynamic and complex and deserves an equally dynamic and progressive approach to care and management. ELA provides this approach and the opportunity for many to start their education on this as well as a platform for experienced professionals to gather and refine their expertise.”