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2023-2024 Dan Jaffe Wilder Bio


Dan Jaffe Wilder is an ecologist, horticulturist, and botanist with over fifteen years’ experience working with native plants and their associated ecology. His work has ranged from classrooms to nurseries to botanical gardens to wildlife refuges specializing in native plant ecology, propagation, wildlife habitat construction, and native edible landscapes. Dan is currently the Director of Applied Ecology for the Norcross Wildlife Foundation whose mission is to protect, enhance, and expand wildlife through conservation, education, and support. A prolific photographer and author Dan’s book Native Plants for New England Gardens was released in 2018.

Why ELA?

“Participation with the Ecological Landscape Alliance is a two-way street. So much of what I now know has originated with folks who’ve been at this much longer than myself and the Ecological Landscape Alliance is a hub of knowledge-sharing that I use to better my own understanding of the natural world. The flip side of the coin is the chance that I get to pass my own knowledge on to the next generation of ecological practitioners. I’m constantly inspired by those folks just getting started in this field and I love a chance to pass along the information that was freely given to me when I was in their shoes.”