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ELA Annual Conference 2024 – In Person Opportunities

Want to get together with your peers in person for this year’s Annual Conference? Read on, and please fill out the form below!

With this year’s ELA Annual Conference and Eco Marketplace, ELA is helping to coordinate in-person gatherings for ELA members and conference participants on Friday, February 23, 2023, immediately following the conference.

Our goal with this follow-up event is to provide an opportunity for informal networking, socializing with like-minded peers, and carrying forward the learning and discussion from the conference into our local communities and professional contexts.

To this end, we are in need of volunteer hosts and participant interest in order to feasibly coordinate these in-person gatherings!

In terms of what to expect as either a volunteer host or participant, some roles and responsibilities are outlined below.

ELA will:

  • Manage registration for this event and provide the host with participant information
  • Publicize event through ELA social media and mailings
  • Coordinate with point person and host organization logistics leading up to the event
  • Give a free one year membership (company level) to any host opening their venue for the event, and free one year membership (professional level) to any volunteer who hosts the event at a third-party location

Host organization will:

  • Provide a room with seating for participants (30-40 participants estimated)
  • Share with ELA information on room/event-space capacity as well as parking/transportation/restroom information for attendees

If you are interested in participating as either an attendee OR host, please fill out the form below!