ELA Conference


Save the dates for the 24th Annual

ELA Conference
& Eco-Marketplace!

March 7 & 8, 2018

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Conference Preview – (Working Titles Only)

Wednesday, March 7th
“Maximizing Landscape Potential”

Two concurrent workshops:

Workshop #1 – Carbon Sequestration

Session 1 UMass Carbon Research – Presenter TBD
Session 2 Carbon Sequestration, sustainability, regenerative gardening, and reconciliation ecology –  Adrian Ayres Fisher, Sustainability Coordinator Triton College
Session 3 Landscapes Strategies to Maximize Carbon Potential – M.L. Altobelli, designer, soil specialist, and educator
Session 4 The Carbon Farming Solution – Eric Toensmeier, carbon specialist, plantsman, and author The Carbon Farming Solution

Workshop #2 – Productive Landscape Case Studies
Landscape productivity potential in addition to Carbon Sequestration
Session 1 Safety for Pollinators – Chemical-free Pest Management – Emily May, Xerces Society Pollinator Conservation Specialist
Session 2 Regenerative Practices & Edible Landscapes – John Hayden, Perennial Polyculture Nursery and soil specialist
Session 3 Carbon-rich Forests and Canopy-rich Landscapes – Dr. David Bloniarz , USDA Forest Service Urban Natural Resources Institute and Dr. Christopher Woodall, USDA Center for Research on Ecosystem Change
Session 4 Landscaping with a Purpose: The Role of Native Plants – Dr. Rani Eckel, nursery grower, author

Wednesday Keynote
How Ecology Can Inform Landscape Design – Darrel Morrison, nationally-known, award-winning landscape architect, Designer of BBG’s Native Flora Garden Expansion

Thursday, March 8th

Three concurrent sessions – Two rooms with presentations and one room of Idea Exchange panel discussions.

Room 1 Landscape Design Focus
Session 1 Landscape Design with GIS-based Asset Management – Brian Kuchar (Horsley Witten Group)
Session 2 Designing Landscapes Under the Influence (Of Music): The Intuitive Side of Design – Darrel Morrison
Session 3 Landscape Design with Measurable Ecological Results – Emily McCoy, Andropogon Landscape Architect and Director of Integrative Research
Session 4 Intuitive Biophilic Design – Rebecca Lindenmeyr, landscape designer and horticulturist

Room 2 Ecological Practices
Session 1 Greening the Built Environment: Enhancing and Restoring Wildlife Habitats – Steven Handel, Center for Urban Restoration Ecology and Professor Rutgers and Harvard
Session 2 Spontaneous Urban Plants: Role of Weeds in Urban Ecosystem – David Seiter, plantsman and author of Spontaneous Urban Plants
Session 3 Native Groundcovers Instead of Mulch – Mark Richardson and Dan Jaffe, New England Wild Flower Society
Session 4 A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration – Tao Orion, permaculture specialist and author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species

Room 3 – Four Idea Exchange panels and Demonstration
Panel 1 Preventative Body Work for Landscape Professionals: Reduce Injury Risk With Off-season Strengthening and Stretching Demonstration and Discussion – Physical Therapist TBD
Panel 2 Score Card: How Ecological are Your Sites? – Panelists to include Landscape Specialists on Soil, Resource Management, Design, Pests, and Maintenance
Panel 3  Ecological Pest Control – Dr. Lisa Tewksbury, URI; UMass Biocontrol researcher, TBD, USDA Emerald Ash Borer and Spotted Lantern Fly Research, TBD, IPM Specialist, TBD
Panel 4 Successful Spectacular Failures: Learning from Our Mistakes
– Panelists to include successful landscape designers and landscape architects

More details coming soon!