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Xeriscaping – The Necessary Wave of the Future

Webinar replay from July 23, 2024


Although water shortages and Xeriscaping topics have typically been presented from a Southwestern US perspective, recent changes in rainfall patterns have resulted in water-deficient landscapes in many northern areas as well. The significant differences in climate and plant palettes between north and south render most Xeriscape information unusable by the landscape designer in the northern areas.

This webinar explores topics related to Xeriscape gardening from a northern perspective. Plant selection is an important part of developing any Xeriscape and therefore drought tolerant species including native plants and plantings for dry-shade are discussed (to include perennials, shrubs, trees and annuals). Designing the drought resistant garden with winter interest is also covered. Methods for efficient irrigation are explored to conserve water within the landscape.

Sean James has been gardening professionally since he was sixteen and speaking to horticultural societies since 1991 when he graduated from the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture. He runs his own landscaping business, Fern Ridge Landscaping & Eco-consulting in the Toronto, Canada area. He designed the sustainable Anderson Parkette in Oakville and several other landmark gardens. He also writes eco-gardening columns for a local magazine, Niagara Escarpment Views, a national column in Landscape Trades on Eco-landscaping for professionals and in the global digital newsletter for the Perennial Plant Association. He’s also a Master Gardener. Sean has had the privilege to help draft the national curriculum for Horticultural Apprentices. He’s been featured on the CBC and on two HGTV shows including ‘Green Force’. He chairs Landscape Ontario’s Environmental Stewardship Committee and sits on the Ontario Invasive Plant Council’s Horticultural Outreach Collaborative, the board of the Halton Peel BioDiversity Network, the Bob Rumball Association for the Deaf Farm Advisory Committee and the Perennial Plant Association’s Environmental Committee. Sean grew up surrounded by nature, near Crawford Lake in Campbellville, Canada so it was only natural that he would choose a career like landscaping.

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