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Water Conservation: Landscape Design Strategies

Webinar replay from May 5, 2015


Each year millions are spent on designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that use too many unsustainable resources and rely on unsustainable practices. There is little thought given to water conservation in traditional landscape design and the result is a continuing depletion of our water resources. Gary Krause is committed to landscapes designed with water conservation in mind. As drought conditions become the norm in many parts of the country, the need for water-conscious landscape design becomes more critical. This presentation will address many water conservation techniques including plant choices, material selection, and irrigation options. With careful planning, landscape designs can provide alternatives to our clients and create sustainable landscapes that are both beautiful and water-conscious.

Gary Krause holds a degree in design and maintains a wide range of certifications including permeable pavers, drainage systems, rainwater harvesting, and is a Certified Sustainable Landscaper. Gary has over 30 years’ experience in gardening, landscape design, construction, and maintenance. Gary believes that the future for sustainable landscapes is very promising thanks to all of the new technology in plant genetics, ‘Smart Water’ irrigation products, and other water-conserving innovations.

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