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The Magical Appeal of Moss Landscape Designs

Webinar replay from July 17, 2024


Annie MartinMoss landscapes offer a magical appeal with verdant expanses that seem to encapsulate our spirits with a sense of serenity. Yet, the environmental advantages of eco-friendly mosses (in climates that are favorable to mosses) add another element of magic through the creation of outdoor living spaces that complement natural ecosystems. As Planet Earth’s oldest living land plants (450 million years old), bryophytes – mosses and their cousins, liverworts and hornworts – are native to all parts of the world. Mosses not only survive but actually thrive in climates and conditions considered inhospitable to most other plants. The year-round green of mosses makes them excellent horticultural choices in gardens for all seasons, including the winter. Even when covered in snow, mosses will continue reproductive processes. When the snow melts, young colorful sporophytes (equivalent of flowers) can be present and the vivid greens of new growth will delight you. Join webinar host, Annie Martin, to learn more about the benefits of designing with mosses from the aesthetic to the practical, such as erosion control considerations. Annie will also discuss moss cultivation, harvesting regulations, and more.

Annie Martin, known as Mossin’ Annie, is the owner of Mountain Moss. Her Mossery is located in the mountains of western North Carolina. To learn more about mosses, please visit: Live mosses for your projects (container trays, pre-vegetated moss mats, and lightweight panels for living moss walls or moss green roofs) are available through the online Moss Shop. As experts in moss-scapes, Mountain Moss offers consultation/design/installation services as well as educational lectures/workshops so that others can experience their own moss magic. Martin will be sharing her passion for moss gardening in her upcoming book (Timber Press, spring 2015).

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