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The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend – Using Biological Products to Fight Diseases and Pests

Webinar replay from May 21, 2024


The use of biological products for growth enhancement and disease and pest control has changed the treatment programs of many organic (and even non-organic) plant, turf and tree care professionals. Joe Magazzi, from Green Earth Ag & Turf, will discuss how advances made in biological products have resulted in effective treatments that target the pest and not the rest.

Joe Magazzi, MS, is the president and co-founder of Green Earth Agriculture, a company that provides eco-friendly products and consulting services to land care professionals and farmers. He has been involved in the research and development of microbial-based products for use in turf care and agriculture for many years. Joe Magazzi has a Master’s degree in genetics (with a microbiology focus) from the University of Connecticut-Storrs. His research has been published in scientific journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine.

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