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Sustainability & Health: How Sustainable Practices in Guatemala have Influenced My Business And My Way of Life

Webinar replay from February 6, 2014

Julie Siegel explores how her experiences in Guatemala over decades have provided perspective on Triple Bottom Line (equal pursuit of Sustainability for Planet, People and Business). How her non-profit work has strengthened her business practices and daily life in Chicago. How global details and universals (nutrition, composting, crop rotation, reforesting, water and soil management, education, gender relations, and human behavior) have inspired her to continue pursuing the path of sustainability at home.

Julie Siegel has been a sustainability-minded landscape designer since 1998. To support this work on a broader basis, Julie has served on many boards, including a term as President of the Midwest Ecological Landscaping Association (MELA), and in 2010, as a volunteer teacher for the City of Chicago’s Department of Environment program, Green Corps. Julie is also a Program Director for EarthWays Foundation, a Guatemalan Organic Agriculture program for Mayan Women. Through Julie’s annual visits to Guatemala, she has developed close connections and understanding of the many challenges faced by the impoverished Mayan mountain communities. During this partnership of on-the-ground site visits, she evaluated and directed funding to many Afopadi programs. This presentation tells the personal story of this region, peoples, and the effect that they have had on Julie’s business and life.

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