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Sustainabile Landscape Design: Landscape Locally

Webinar replay from January 20, 2014

Defining sustainability in a landscape context • Sustainability by providence Discussion of the benefits from sustainable landscape design Applying sustainability to the landscape • Levels of sustainability — Basic Ideas to Completely Sustainable • Goals of sustainable landscape design • Best Management Practices (BMPs) • Natives vs. Non-Natives • Case Studies Ecosystem Restoration — The ultimate sustainable landscape • Define ecosystem restoration • Discuss what makes it the ultimate practice in sustainable landscaping • Applicability in landscape design • Keys to success • Case Studies Jack Pizzo is the founding partner of Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. (founded in 1988) and serves as the President, Senior Ecologist, and Registered Landscape Architect. Jack is hands-on and has been involved in every project performed by Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. since 1988. He has extensive experience in a multitude of ecosystems and project types.

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