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Knowing the “Enemy”: Practical Solutions for Deer and Other Pests

Webinar replay from May 22, 2024


Land care professionals hear it all too often: “I hate deer.” Not only are they eating our gardens, but over-eating, due to increased populations, is causing the destruction of forest understory essential to songbird habitat. Barbara Hobens will focus her presentation on facts about deer and other animals that cause gardeners dismay, and offer some practical design solutions. In addition to identifying the “enemy” and their patterns of behavior, Ms. Hobens hopes to also encourage the audience to understand the importance of welcoming wildlife into other areas of their property.

Barbara Hobens of Hudson Highlands Garden Design is an edible and ornamental property designer with a focus on nature-scaping and forest-scaping gardening for and with wildlife in mind. Author of Garden Your City, she writes a weekly e-newsletter column: Philipstown Gardens. She is a founding member of Manitoga’s Woodland Landscape Council, a certified Deer Steward, and a trained Habitat Steward Host spearheading NatureScape Putnam in 2012 – a habitat education and gardening initiative.

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